Audio GD NFB-11.28 vs R2R 11

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by crowally, Aug 17, 2017.
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  1. JKDJedi
    Wow...check for them kind of cables.
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  2. alota
    thanks. you´re right :)
  3. alota
    in every case and waiting my denon, i´m listening with a pioneer se-mj721(around 20€ LOL)and i´m quite happy.
    of course nothing serious but it is perceived the difference from D/S dacs
  4. s2kPanda
    Got my shipment notice this morning. Can't wait to get them in.
  5. JKDJedi
    Right on! Nice. Once you get it set up and settled in you'll be racing home from work sipping on your favorite wine spending the evening listening to awesome tunes in Hi Definition!
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  6. Nadham
    Life was very simple before stumbling upon this website. Ever since placing an order for Senn HD6XX, I have been going through countless threads here and other sites for a DAC/ AMP recommendation. After considering few - iDSD Nano BL, Mojo and few others, finally placed an order for R2R last week and got the shipping confirmation today. Any one know how to pay customs charges in UK, if any? it has been shipped through FedEx.
  7. JKDJedi
    Im almost sure the price includes customs, I wouldn't sweat about it, they place the value at $80 anyway so you should be good. And PLEASE...give us your impressions on the combo! I have HD6XX and am curious how it would sound with the R2R vs 11.28.
  8. unclebrudy
    I'm not the one you're asking, but I ran the 6XX with both for a long while up until a little over a month ago.

    I've reiterated this several times in the various threads for both units here, but unless you have them side by side, you wouldn't be able to tell them apart - they are more similar than different. If you randomly had the R2R 11 at work and the NFB-11.28 at home or vice versa, I guarantee you would not know which is where. =) This all goes out the window if you use the the R2R 11's "warming" jumpers, which I highly do not recommend as the highs are tapered way too much.

    If closely A/B'ing the two, in my experience, I found the R2R 11 had just a smidge more weight to notes, but it's very minor. Figure if the R2R 11's dynamics were 10/10, the 11.28's were 9.5/10. Conversely, if the 11.28's revealing nature and unforgiving detail were 10/10, the R2R 11's would be 9.5/10 - this is where the R2R "smoothness" would make sense. However, only in very specific songs (mostly acoustic, classical, some OSTs) was I able to tell them apart, and even then not with 100% accuracy. The 11.28's Sabre implementation is so much more musical and not glarey/bright as others I've heard, which makes the two all the more similar.

    Simply put, the 6XX synergizes with both well. Don't worry about it. Both units are detailed and fast enough to play to the 6XX's strengths. Both units are the same price (when the 11.28 is fully decked out) - if you're having nervosa because R2R is the FOTM (it's really not the FOTM, but it's had a huge resurgence lately) then go R2R 11. Otherwise you can't go wrong with either, it's truly a flip of the coin.

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  9. JKDJedi
    Where were you my whole life! <3 This makes a lot of sense, thanks man. Yeah a huge fan base for the R2R right now, making us 11.28 guys almost jelly. :)
  10. unclebrudy
    I'm glad you said "almost" jelly. Hahaha. In the beginning of entering this hobby for me (which was not long ago at all, I'm still a self-admitted audio neophyte for the most part) it's FOMO (I just realized that I use a lot of acronyms, but for those that don't know, FOTM = flavor of the month, FOMO = fear of missing out) that in many cases is the cause for unnecessary purchases. "R2R is better than D/S!" And then suddenly you feel like you're missing out with your O2/Modi/Gungnir/SMSL/etc. D/S DAC and go mindlessly shopping for anything R2R. I think its important for everyone to remind themselves not to concentrate on just DAC chips or resistors, but the DAC as a whole, as well as if you enjoy it. Screw everyone else. :beyersmile:

    I'd argue that my favorite DAC/amp right now in my chain is the NFB-15, a dual-Wolfson WM8741 that's no longer considered top dog (and is only like ~$125 used) but to me sounds wonderful the way AGD implemented it.
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  11. Nadham
    I cannot compare against NFR 11.28 as I don't have one (but Unclebrudy already answered it above) but I will let you how 6XX sounds with R2R 11 when I receive them. Price does not include customs and we need to pay if we receive a demand from FedEx I think.
  12. conquerator2
    I didn't particularly care for Audio gd's top Sabre designs. I had the NFB-7 but found it too analytic. But I also had an older NFB3.32 which was based around a dual Wolfson DAC chip and that was pretty good. I also tried Schiit's Gungnir based around the Akai chips which I quite liked but it sounded like it was trying too hard to sound like an analogue design which it weren't. Then I had the Theta with my first true R2R chip and I was sold on that. Then I had the Mojo that I also really liked. Now I have the R2R11 and find it the closest thing to the Theta. It's good to hear that the NFB11 sounds almost the same (its clearly possible given the Mojo did not use a real R2R chip but a custom FPGA in-house solution which got to the same level) but I know when I have a choice I'll go R2R. I am really happy the R2R11 exists and the tremendous value it brings here :)
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  13. bunkbail
    You had the NFB-7, but you liked the R2R-11 more? That thing was like 4 times more expensive than R2R-11.
  14. conquerator2
    It was and it was incredibly detailed with a very holographic soundstage.. Would be great with warmer headphones. The R2R11 is a much better all-rounder though and the sacrifices are minimal IMO. But I prefer slight warmth to glare (which I can't stand) so I imagine milleage may vary (if you like Schiit's products for example, or your gear is on the warmer side).
  15. iamjaymo
    Day 3 of run-in with the R2R 11 and it is fantastic! Very vivid presentation and the DAC/Amp sounds great with my Fostex’s. It’s a keeper for sure. Glad to see positive results from Senn HD-6XX pairing - I got a pair coming from Massdrop soon.
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