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Audio GD NFB-11.28 vs R2R 11

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by crowally, Aug 17, 2017.
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  1. PopZeus
    Omg I totally spaced on this reply. I meant to come back and respond, I swear! :grimacing: Well, it’s a month late, but here’s the link to the thread...


    I think the first mention of the R2R 11 starts at post #5. It’s not a long discussion because of all the agreement. Lol.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2019
  2. JoeDoe
    The thinnest part should be in front of your ear, with the thickest and back. The idea is that it slightly angles the drivers into the cup of your ear.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2019
  3. JKDJedi
    Back, seam facing down. This focuses drivers directly into ear canal, thick pad to the back.
  4. Oberoni
    Thanks, all!
  5. sennsay
    The thick side goes to the back, behind the ears. They angle to drivers slightly forward, supposedly for better depth perception. Not sure that it's totally effective, but some effect for sure. They're also much more comfortable pads to my ears than the stock ones and definitely superior sound.
  6. Junkwisch
    Hey guys

    I have been using the nfb 11.38 for over 2 months now. I have a problem with the blue usb cable that came with the package. Any small touch to the cable will result in the nfb 11.38 losing connection with my laptop.

    So I have been thinking of getting a new USB cable that hopefully can solve this problem (and improve my sound quality). I have a budget around 50 usd.

    You guys have any recommendation?
  7. MarkArtz
    AUDIOQUEST PEARL is the one i use with my R2R-11. No complains and better than the blue cable that it came with.
  8. Zenvota

  9. sennsay
    I have been using a Kimber USB cable for years, far better than the Blue cable! Was rated as equal with the excellent Chord Silver+ in Hifi News mag a few years back, with tested better all round than some far more expensive options.
  10. Junkwisch
    Thank you guys

    Audioquest is very accessible in my area, one of the only i can get from my local shop. However, can anyone enlighten me with the difference between pearl, forest and cinnamon (all three are in the budget)? (P.S. I could make an exception for carbon if it really worth updrading to).

    Another question, it is usb A to usb B right?
  11. Junkwisch
    Ended up with audioquest cinnamon. It fixed the connection problem. Cheees guys
  12. barbz127
    Could anyone comment on the pairing of either of these units with Alessandro or grado headphones?
    I have a set of alessandro ms2.
  13. ProLoL
  14. Acke
    why are you selling?
  15. ProLoL
    Hey, as I've written in the post, I don't have time to listen to it as I'm on the go all the time and therefore I completely move into a portal setup.
    I used my Gustard U16 + 10m clock as the transporter for the R2R11 via I2s, best PRAT and performance overall I could extract from it. The regular R2R11 with the Amanero sounded dull in comparison.
    If I could get this sound into a portal device I would.
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