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Audio-Gd Master 7 - Discrete Fully Balanced DAC (PCM1704)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by darknightdk, Sep 3, 2012.
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  1. motberg
    Seems like a nice cable
    Yep, that looks like the correct input... remember to change your input selector on the M7....
    turn down your amp first :L3000:
  2. Pablovila
    Thanks! I'll try it today. Meanwhile I will think on what route I will take next.
  3. riffer

    Working on the Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 . All good news so far. The default I2s configuration is correct for the Audio-gd I2s input o the Master 7.

    Per this spreadsheet it should work:


    Per these test tones it appears to work:



    Although I am never sure about the polarity tests, they are pretty subtle.

    As for sound, it is early days. It's been a few years since I had the offramp, but that was my favorite I2s, and this is as good or better.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
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  4. DACLadder
    Good job. Looks like default (definition B) is what is needed. The I2S switch, besides absolute audio phase, will reverse the L-R clock. If Left and Right channels are OK then you should be good to go. Default MCLK switch as well.
  5. DACLadder
    Anyone know what type/ size hex (spline) type bit is required to remove the top of the Singxer SU-1? None of my metric/ SAE standard hex (allen) bits fit. It is rather small 1 to 2mm I would suspect.

    External +5V power supply being delivered today. Cable set is due any day... Thanks

  6. elephante211
    That is a torx bolt. Here is a quick measurement chart:

    Size Metric P to P
    T1 .81mm
    T2 .93mm
    T3 1.10mm
    T4 1.28mm
    T5 1.42 mm
    T6 1.70 mm
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2018
  7. DACLadder
    Thanks... I ordered a set of Torx drivers from Ebay.
  8. DACLadder
    The Singxer SU-1 main power mod is complete. The SU-1 top and power entry module require a Torx T9 to remove.

    Used this adapter cable. Looks great and thanks for the suggestion. Connects up to a Channel Island Audio VDC-5 MkII power supply that was currently unused until now.

    The SU-1 is a fairly nice design inside for the main circuit board. The digital output signals from the Xmos USB receiver chip output are galvanically isolated from rest of the board circuitry (FPGA, outputs, and display). USB +5V is used for powering the Xmos receiver. I also have another CIA VDC-5 Mk II supplying +5V from the computer side down the USB cable.

    Sounds great and we talking about very small but seemingly noticeable improvements. Vocals are less grainy. Highs crisp and clean. Everything sounds more "together".

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  9. Alireza326
    Hi all
    I want to know that , can I offer singularity digital board yet or this upgrade is ended by kingwa?
    Is it easy to upgrade? Stable or have compatibility issues with M7 that needs tricks to get rid of?
    And at the end how much does it cost excluding shipping cost?
    Tanx in advance
  10. DACLadder
    @Alireza326 believe you missed the order deadline for the Sigularity digital board upgrade by about month or so. But you may want to Email Kingwa to verify for sure.

    Requires solid soldering skills and a good understanding of DC power and cabling/ signal wires. There are no formal instructions but the basic steps were posted several months ago on this thread.

    It is a very worthwhile upgrade and very stable as the same board ships with the R2R 7 and the M7 Singularity. Most everyone (not all) seem to agree on liking the board swap. I believe I paid around $330 US with shipping.
  11. Alireza326
    Thanks DACLadder for your reply
    I hope that I can offer it, I become so sad if deadline is met.

    Edit: I email to kingwa and fortunately it is possible to order yet
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2018
  12. JaMo
    Hi, I think it may be possible to get the upgrade performed/sold by Magna HiFi in Netherland. At least they still advertise for it. Check it out.
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  13. DACLadder
    Audio GD announced they are stopping all production of PCM1704UK products which include the Master 7 and 11 Singularity DACs. Orders accepted through April 2018 with final shipping in May.
  14. FredA
    I am under the impression diacrete r2r cost less to build. Those 1704 were very expensive in the end.
  15. DACLadder
    The last buy of PCM1704UK DAC chips were quite expensive especially when using eight pieces per DAC as the Master 7. Precision resistors cost about 2 cents each in bulk.

    The Master 7 Singularity is not a huge seller. Came out about 3-4 months prior to the R2R 7. I can think of only one forum member that purchased a production M7S (HE version). On AGDs shipping page you might see one 1704 product shipped every 3 or 4 months. Hard to stay in business with that amount of sales.

    I love my M7S (and regular Master 7 converted with Singularity digital board). But will always be looking and have an ear out for R2R alternatives in the distant future.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2018
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