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Dec 8, 2010

Selling my Audio-GD Master 7 DAC.
It's the last 1704UK DAC King-Wa ever made. (1704uk chips no longer exist in bulk, this is why he stopped using them).
Mechanically DAC works perfect, cosmetically I'd put it at 7/10. No major dents or huge scratches, but has some small scratches and scuffs.

I bought this DAC brand new for $2500 about 5years ago.
The factory upgrade was a completely new digital board, with his most up to date dual Accusilicon clocks.
The upgrade cost me around $600 total (shipping to and from China, then the board itself)

So I have $3100 into this DAC.

The new digital board allows this DAC to run King-Wa's very latest firmware. The current firmware installed is the newest he has available, R-7_P2_DSDCLK
From this link
I will include the Altera blaster to upgrade firmware, if King-wa ever comes out with new firmware, you can keep upgrading this DAC.

IMPORTANT: This dac does not have USB input. I decided to get dual HDMI I2S inputs, in place of the USB.
If you want USB input, I think King-wa sells them for $80. Extremely easily to install, if you did buy one from him.

The two HDMI i2s modules are spec'd for #1 Audio-GD pinout, #2 PSAudio pinout. This basically covers all HDMI I2s you'd ever want to use on it.
I will also include an RJ45 I2s module, that's extremely easy to install if you want to use it.

It has all other standard SPDIF digital inputs: RCA, Toslink, AES, BNC

This DAC also has the option to go full NOS mode (completely bypassing the FPGA).
This means you can use HQ Player for pure oversampling with it (if you want to know more about this, you can message me after sale)
The internal settings also allow for internal oversampling of 2x, 4x and 8x.

I have the original shipping box, so super safe shipping there.
I'll only ship to US.
I'll cover shipping cost, you cover PayPal fees.

Check my head-fi feedback, it's perfect.


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