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Audio GD Master-11(Combination from Master 7 and Master 9)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by doyouknowsbmean, Jul 6, 2015.
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  1. bimmer100
    Do you have an nfb-28? And if so... What revision. 2014 or 2015. I found that each version is significantly different with a completely different volume curve for each device. Stillhart has 2014 and I have 2015... When he is around 32, the db level is about the same on my unit around 58.
    So depending on recording, no... My nfb-28 2015 edition is not loud enough.
    Kingwa tried to explain to me why, but I didn't quite understand it well enough to repost the explanation.
  2. LancerFIN

    Taken directly from Audio-gd's site.
  3. bimmer100

    On paper you would think so. But do you own one? If so. 2014 or 2015?
    I expected a ton of volume , but I can dig up my testing results to prove that is not the case.
    The db levels remain fairly low until it's significantly above 30.
    The steps are 100 steps on L
    And 62or63 steps off H or F

    Anyhow, LancerFIN quoted audio gd' website to explain. Yet take note many people have the 2014 and mention listening around 30steps as being loud. Not the case on 2015 model.

    Kingwa got back with me and said there is too much complications to upgrade a nfb-28 with the new volume gain option. The HE-6 "H mode" that makes that curve to be +25db gain in the H setting only! I wish I could have ordered my master 11 this way! Seriously!
  4. lukeap69
    Let the fun begin... [​IMG]
  5. Solude
    Report soldier :wink:
  6. lukeap69
  7. doyouknowSBmean
    Roger that. On jet plane:) Sir
  8. bimmer100
    I'm taking delivery of my m11 tomorrow evening. Woohoo! Ok schedule and no delays!
  9. thecrow
    Can't afford the m11.
    Just bought the v200.

    Subscribed - getting a quote for my left kidney

    Can't wait to read opinions here
  10. AuxNuke

    Interesting and somewhat confusing.  I have the NFB-28 2014 model purchased 11/14.  The gain button on the front has simple "Low" and "High" modes:
    Low = 0 dB Gain
    High = +12 dB Gain
    The volume knob adjusts the volume in 80 steps as shown in the following graphs:
    It looks like the 2015 unit uses a fixed Gain of +16dB and the following "Slow" (100 steps) and "Fast" (64 steps) on the volume pot as shown below:
    *Note this graph does not include the recently introduced "H mode" option
    If I'm reading the graphs correctly:
    2014 High Gain (+12 dB) Mode = ~10% output at 30/80 steps on volume knob
    2015 Fast Gain (+16 dB) Mode = ~10% output at 20/64 steps on volume knob
    I know you mentioned this isn't the case but, shouldn't the 2015 model at 10% output and +16 dB gain be slightly louder that the 2014 model at the same setting?
    I was thinking of upgrading to the Master 11 but don't want to lose the output power of my existing 2014 NFB-28!
  11. bimmer100
    It's here!
    Let's see how focused I can remain at work until I'm off for the day and can go home to test new piece of gear out.
  12. bimmer100

    Kingwa just stated in the nfb-28 thread that the master 11 can have the volume bed swapped out to have from +3db-+10db Of additional gain. So order it custom :wink:
  13. lukeap69

    Lovely! I will wait for your impressions! [​IMG]
  14. colonelsanders
    Wow, that was fast! I may regret waiting for the USB update.Waiting intently for your review.
  15. bimmer100
    Ok... so I wasn't patient. I took a break during the day to go home and hook up the M11.... only have about 20min or so to play with it.
    So far it exceeds my expectations by quite a bit!
    I've been listening to the NFB28 the last week since selling my DAC19.
    But i'm familiar with the DAC19 as well. 
    It's notably better than the DAC19 even! I didn't expect that at all.
    Not saying the DAC19 was a slouch... but I will do some critical listening later on tonight and this week.

    So far.... it's a sure winner.
    I play several tracks i'm very familiar with and I immediately noticed the sound stage is much wider than before. Maybe i'ts my imagination...but maybe it's because it's balanced and the separation is much better.

    I was using RCA's to connect the DAC19 to the NFB28
    now its pure class A on the M11 and boy does it sound amazing.
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