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Audio GD Master-11(Combination from Master 7 and Master 9)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by doyouknowsbmean, Jul 6, 2015.
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  1. bimmer100

    That's kinda funny you mention that. I bought a nfb1amp and the master11 was released while the order was processing. I cancelled it and upgraded to master 11 immediately. I figured it was a no brainer yet I wasn't ready to shell out the cash. I made it happen anyhow. You could be patient and yet the promo deal of 5% off, plus the free Amanero combo 384 deal. That's pretty hard to beat!
    My personal opinion is I prefer an all in one, as space is limited. Otherwise, the m7/m9 combo is pretty darn awesome!
    I would still choose the master11. It works for my needs and the amp is pretty darn amazing.
  2. bimmer100
    LOL @ mini speakers comment.  Thats pretty true though. Oddly my fiance was teasing me with that same act one time. They are essentially mini speakers anyhow. My headphones are so darn loud sometimes she can hear them from across the room. The open air design kinda makes for a private listening session to be impossibru. I am tempted to buy a second pair of Oppo PM3's! She has the black ones but she said last night how she wished she had the white ones :D HMMM- i'll take the black ones and she can have a pair of white ones! 
    I currently have mediocre sealed back cans...they are the Sennheiser G4ME ZER0's... but modded with norne zoetic cable/hardwired, silver litz for microphone, and eidolics 6.3mm terminations and 3.5mm for mic. :D   A pair of PM3's with the ant lion mod mic 4.0 would be an upgrade. Kinda...but the mic on the sennheiser is really good for a headset.
    I would like to hear those exact tracks you mentioned above, I sent you a PM about them. 
    I was just notified that my Master11 shipped out today! Hopefully I will have it by this weekend! I look forward to having some quality time with my headphones next week. :D
  3. bimmer100
    As kingwa usually is extremely conservative when he talks about differences in performance.... Being that he said it's minor likely means that its basically no difference that is easily detectable. The way it's described on the website is basically saying it's the best implementation of the pcm1704uk to date! " The Master 11 is the ultimate design of the PCM1704 chip with built in class A headphone amp / preamp .It is upgrade from Reference 10, combine from Master 7 and Master 9."
    but the M7 has 8 of the UK's so theres that...  If it makes more sense for you to get the M7, go for it. Either way, you'll have a top tier setup!
  4. LancerFIN
    I was not offered 5% off from Master 11. My order is currently waiting for the Amenero combo 384 which will be released at the end of the month.
    All in one has it's pros. Everything in one nice slick package with only one 1 power cord. Separate units takes twice as much space and 2 outlets. Though it's easier to upgrade amp or dac if need be. oh god why am I talking about upgrading top of the line equipment... Master 11 is also a lot newer design.
  5. doyouknowSBmean
    Got you PM and Congratulations! Girls really pay more attention on the look of a headphone. I personally like MDR Z7 pairs with my girlfriend. Haven't try PM3 yet. I had a chance listened a modded PM2 in newyork headfi meet which is darn good but sell for $1500.
  6. bimmer100

    Front page says
    July 1st is the 11th Anniversary of Audio-gd!

    Promotional offers (From July 1st to 15th ):

    1: All finished products 5% OFF (Except the DAC-19).
    2: All DACs and DAC+Headamp 5% OFF, and will be shipped within 2 workdays.
    3: 5% OFF for DACs that are priced over 600$, plus free upgrade to Amanero combo 384 for the USB interface in 25-day leadtime. Or shipped within 2 workdays without upgrade.

    So ask for the discount :wink:

    Go for the master11! Newest design! Amazing amp! But like I said, you can't go wrong either way. I just would choose the all in one approach with the really fancy Amanero USB too :)
  7. doyouknowSBmean

    Did you get the 5% off discount since the discount starts from the first of July.
  8. LancerFIN
    Did you bimmer get the discount? And has yours already arrived?
  9. colonelsanders
    Hey everyone. Looks like I'll be joining the club too. After the DAC 19 Anniversary was released I decided to wait and see if any updates would come to the Ref 10.32. I requested my combo with HDMI and 7 Sec Timeout and will be waiting for the Amanero combo. I am very eager to see everyone's impressions and hope to post my own as soon as it arrives.
    bimmer100 likes this.
  10. bimmer100
     I assume you would get it since you havent paid the full balance? 
    correct me if i'm wrong.  I believe this promo was going on before July1st... the new one is in effect withe the Amanero deal..
    the previous promo stated 5% off all items except DAC19.
  11. doyouknowSBmean
    I asked Grace if I could get any discount but the answer is the same as lancerFin got.
  12. doyouknowSBmean

    Welcome. I've got my master 11. Can't wait for a whole day listening..
  13. LancerFIN
    Can you give me your impressions this weekend? I need to decide between Master 11 and M7+9. If I am not mistaken you had M7+9 at some point.
  14. bimmer100

    Woohoo, hoping to get mine next week. Apparently it shipped on wed.
  15. AuxNuke
    You need more volume out of the NFB-28?! Using the balanced output, it's capable of 8w @ 40ohms! On high gain, turning the nob to 30/80 is crazy loud for most music using the HE—560's.
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