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Audio GD Master-11(Combination from Master 7 and Master 9)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by doyouknowsbmean, Jul 6, 2015.
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  1. Khragon
    Audiogd postponed my update to Monday due to slow internet connection on their end :frowning2:
  2. pervysage
    Using the Focal Utopia. They are really a microscope of a headphone in that it is easy to pick out the smallest of changes in your chain. I was able to immediately tell there were positive changes in the sound.
    I plan to post some impressions on the new DSP tonight. Going to further listen with the Utopia and give my speaker system a listen as well which is hooked up to the M11, so that will benefit as well. I find changes are always easily heard on speakers.
  3. munce31
    Talk about microscopes, I have been using my HD800 with my M11. Now usually people would associate the HD800 with an analytical, cooler sound signature. And with this update to the firmware which makes the M11 slightly less warmer, you'd think that these changes would make the HD800 more-so analytical and cooler in sound signature. 
    However, at least to my ears, this isn't the case. The HD800 sounds more dynamic - in part to the increase bass tightness and quantity. This change makes it more suitable to low-level listening as well.
    Let us know your impressions with your M11 and speaker system. 
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  4. pervysage
    One of my worries about upgrading to the new firmware was that they had described the sound as being more neutral (which of course isn't a bad thing). But I quite enjoy the M11's just slightly warm sound signature so I did not want to lose that. I thought it meant the new firmware would somehow be flat sounding.
    From what I have heard from my speaker setup so far, after the update, I don't regret a thing... holy moly. The bass is one of the things that stand out the most... just as you said it is so tight now and sounds amazing. It was great before, not muddy and thick or anything like that, but now it just sounds perfect! I don't have a sense of loss in the bass department at all, it just got WAY better. My SVS SB-1000 subwoofer that I use to give my LS50's some low end grunt has never sounded better... seriously! I'm trying not to overreact but I had a smile on my face the whole time I was listening earlier.
    I don't know if it is the result of the tightened up bass, but the rest of the sound spectrum has gotten a nice little boost as well. I am hearing microdetail in tracks easier than ever. You once again nailed it when you talked about the increased dynamics... that is exactly what I hear as well. Everything sounds forward (in a good way), it's not overly aggressive at all. Vocals, instruments, everything is sounding real good to me right now.
    It would be nice to be able to A-B against the old firmware but obviously that is not easily possible unless you have two M11's sitting there, side by side with the different firmwares on them :p I would just want to compare the two for general impressions. I already know I prefer this new firmware 120%.
    Kingwa, you guys really nailed it with this DSP update, wow! Anyone on the fence should jump on this while you can. The fact that this update is being offered for free is just fantastic.
    Has breathed new life into a DAC/AMP that I have had for a little over a year now and don't plan on changing anytime soon.
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  5. Khragon
    Here hoping the M11 firmware update would out perform the Yggy so I can sell it and put money toward the Utopia
  6. pervysage
    I feel like I've asked you this before, but how are you liking the Yggy compared to the M11 these days?
  7. pervysage
    This new update has also solved a problem I was having ever since I began using the Singxer SU-1 through the HDMI in.
    Whenever I would pause a track and listen to something else from a different source (for example, pause Spotify and watch a YouTube video, and then go back to listening to music on Spotify) sometimes I would get a weird glitch where all I would hear is static and could faintly hear the music I am trying to listen to in the background but it was all covered up with static noise. This issue would be fixed by switching inputs on the M11 and then switching back to the input I was using (which is 5 for HDMI in). It was a minor issue but it happened frequently enough to be annoying. Not sure what was causing it but it would happen when I would pause a track for a bit and start it back up or switch between different sources like I mentioned above.
    With the new update, I haven't had this issue happen once. Everything is smooth sailing and the sound is phenomenal! 
  8. bimmer100
    I have not done the dsp upgrade yet. Is it required to have audio gd do this with their remote control or remote access software? I would prefer to do it myself. Anyone have links to the downloads that are NOT from baidu. I would like to do this tonight if possible. I will compare it one last time and maybe put my nos11 up for sale eventually.right now, it's collecting dust. I'm quite excited to hear the improvements. I found the upgrades I did along with the nos11 from m11 was a great improvement, and it seems the Dsp update is even better. I'm excited :)
    I have a half dozen USB blasters, and would appreciate any help or tips from those who have completed this update
  9. Strife
    I think the November update does not apply to the NOS series, but the Audio-GD front page does mention a v.2 DSP available since October, maybe you should ask Kingwa about it.
  10. pervysage
    Yeah, I don't think the Master and NOS editions have the same update, but NOS version has it's own new firmware... not sure if they are offering the same online update for it.
    Anyways, if you are looking for the programming software this is the best place to get it:
    Only 143 MB for the standalone version which is all you need. Just need to make a free account to download it.
  11. Khragon
    I felt at 2x over sampling is close to Yggy, but Yggy still is clearer and a bit smoother compared to the M11.  I felt M11 to have a slight smiley shape FR compared to Yggy of slight mid centric "n" shape FR.  At this time I prefer Yggy more.  On the amp side, the M11 amp seems to be tuned to pair with the built-in DAC (makes sense) and do sound better with built-in DAC compared to Yggy.  M11 amp with Yggy sounds a bit boring, and lacking dynamics.
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  12. Khragon
    Just upgraded, and although I can say that NOS mode is now working for Master-11.  Running M11 NOS with 130dB stop band gives me the closest to Yggy, although M11 still sounds a tad darker/denser than Yggy, it comes down to preferences and mood really now, maybe with HD800S, M11 will be better, I'm listening on Elear atm.  I was comparing 2x OS with 50dB in the above post, will revisit that setup soon and comment.
  13. zeissiez

    Which of M11/Yggy having a better soundstage and imaging ?
  14. Khragon
    Got to say Yggy would, due to its "lighter" takes on things.  M11 is on the darker side, think honey (M11 NOS setting) vs maple syrup (Yggy).
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  15. zeissiez

    I like the analogy. The HD800 loves honey.
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