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Audio GD Master-11(Combination from Master 7 and Master 9)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by doyouknowsbmean, Jul 6, 2015.
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  1. munce31
    Has anyone managed to download the Quartus software from Kingwa's Baidu drive?
    I'm having a really tough time just to download the Tools folder as outlined in the instructions on their website. The main issue being the need to register an account with Baidu..
  2. Strife
    You can download it directly from Altera's website, also recommend to follow the Master 7 thread for more info.
  3. munce31
    It's odd that the size of Quartus on the Baidu drive is only 1.6GB as opposed to the 3.6GB on the Altera website. Are you sure its the right version? 
    I have found a way to download from Baidu without using the Baidu download software or registering an account.
  4. Strife
    Maybe the Baidu file is a stripped-down version of the Altera installer. I recall unchecking a bunch of large sized unneeded modules when installing it and even then it took a long time to install on my PC despite being a Core i7-4790k. I just ran the program and it looks fairly similar to the screenshot from the update guide:
  5. LancerFIN
    Pry them open with flat head screw driver. There's a slit in the connector that you can fit screw driver in. Once you twist the screw driver all glue will just crumble off and the connector lifts easily.
  6. ehein324
    Thanks for all of the help.
    I get the module installed but I cant get SDS on the Singxer SU-1. The regular input 2 RCA on Master 11 works fin with the SU-1 but I cant get DSD to show up on the front panel of the SU-1 and no audio comes out of the I2S HDMI input.
    Is there a specific way to set the output in Jriver to make things compatible>
  7. ehein324
    For the SU-1 used with Master 11 I2S, all switchs on the bottom of the SU-1 ae supposed to be in the off position - is this correct?
  8. pervysage
    Yes, that is correct. 
    And most people have been going into the M11 and disabling PLL as well (by placing a jumper on it).
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  9. Khragon
    Anyone update yet? is it easy?  How's the sound?
  10. ehein324
    I have PLL disabled on the Master 11. Still no sound out of I2S.
    Must have something configured incorrectly in Jriver.
  11. Khragon
    Has anyone managed to get the TOOL folder downloaded?  I just need to content w/o the Quartus software.
    It's frustrating that Kingwa isn't putting just that tool in some easier accessible location.
  12. munce31
    See last line in http://www.head-fi.org/t/773660/audio-gd-master-11-combination-from-master-7-and-master-9/2205#post_12985588
  13. Khragon
    I tried it but chrome won't let me install the java script.  I think Audio-gd will handle it when they update.  I have everything except the firmware and the usb blaster setup file.
    I already emailed them to request this Wed. upgrade, will report back.
  14. munce31
    Did you install TapperMonkey extension?
    Did you receive an error message whilst trying to install the script?
  15. johnzz4
    Update sounds good.  Seems smoother and more open to me.  I'm running factory settings except PLL is disabled and I'm using a Singxer SU-1 USB bridge.  Curious to try NOS now that the imbalance is supposed to be fixed.
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