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Audio GD Master-11(Combination from Master 7 and Master 9)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by doyouknowsbmean, Jul 6, 2015.
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  1. pervysage

    So jumper off (how M11 ships) is PLL enabled and putting a jumper on disables it, correct?
  2. patrikh
    My question was 2-sided :)
  3. patrikh
    Anyone know if m11 can drive speakers?
  4. bimmer100
    the setting I liked on the m11 was  unnamed.png
    for some it cause the riight channel to be slight less volume. approx 3.5db or so, easy to compensate in jriver. but this is due to the mclk being on that channel...according to kingwa anyhow. The new firmware may fix these things...but this sound setup is quite nice! 
    my NOS11 has NO jumpers on it now. 
    I would like for someone to comment in detail about the NOS 11
  5. johnzz4
    I received a replacement SU-1 today.  I can agree with @comzee on his findings.  The replacement is VERY slightly etched in the treble, but I wouldn't call it wonky (on this unit).  I fully expect it to go away after a couple days of run in.  The original unit had an internal screw back out in shipping.  I didn't realize it until it was powered up and I was moving it around to change jumpers on the M11.  The third time moving it, I heard the screw.  Not sure if it shorted something out, but anything that relied solely on the clock circuit on the SU-1 was extremely fatiguing.  Happy to report there are no issues with the new unit and I am happily listening in the standard configuration (all switches off) over HDMI.  This isn't a dig on Singxer... these units ship from China through varying temps and plenty of handling which will help loosen a screw. Just glad that it was resolved so quickly mainly due to excellent customer service by Tim at Kitsune.
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  6. johnzz4
  7. Khragon
    Yes, it drove my tekton lore wonderfully.
  8. somestranger26
    PLL disabled sounds way better with a good source like SU1 or Rednet3.
  9. pervysage
    Doing some late night listening after work.
    I disabled PLL and played some tracks.
    Some impressions so far...
    Sound is a tad brighter, nothing major or bothersome. Just that the Amanero might sound more smoother at the moment. I expect this to calm down from what I have read.
    Initially it was hard to tell differences because I wasn't really focusing (kinda tired at the moment). But on certain tracks I would notice something on the SU-1 that I didn't notice on the Amanero. Background instruments are brought forward and can be heard in a lot more detail (ex. plucking of guitar strings). I A-B'd many times to make sure I was not just hearing things. Every time, the SU-1 was definitely putting out more background detail.
    SU-1 is running through HDMI to the M11 and Amanero is hooked up directly to PC via USB.
    Anyways, will let things burn-in more over the next couple days and report back.
  10. xxxfbsxxx
    Just wonder any news or download link for new dsp v7? Im using m11 and dac sa1.32 and both are suffering chanel balance when running in nos mode so hope that v7 could solve this
  11. munce31
    Nah no news yet. Kingwa did say that the download should be available next month.
  12. ehein324
    First time posting.
    I bought a Master 11 over a year ago after reading all of the reviews on this thread.
    Unfortunately, I bought the standard configuration : no HDMI on I2S.
    With regard to the Sinxer SU-1, would it be worthwhile for me to buy this and use it on the M11 Input 2?
    Always enjoy reading these conversations.
  13. bimmer100

    I have a spare HDMI i2s module for m11 I would sell at cost. Just laying around. It's pretty easy to install and replaces the rj45 module and one wire to solder and just a harness to plug in.
  14. ehein324
    Thanks a lot Bimmer!
    I will be very interested in your I2S module.
    How should we go about this?
  15. casper3127
    Just received my brand new NOS11 V2 yesterday from Magna-Hifi. With a scarce hour of listening I must admit that it is indeed a great improvement over my previous NFB29.


    Enviado desde mi H1
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