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Audio GD Master-11(Combination from Master 7 and Master 9)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by doyouknowsbmean, Jul 6, 2015.
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  1. defbear
    I sent emails (just last night) to Audio GD asking for a quote on a Master 11 with hdmi mod, shipping and Paypal. Haven't heard back yet. If I order, I need to get it in by the end of the month for the discount.
  2. bimmer100

    Yes, there is a reason they offer 3 , 6 and 9.
    Choose what works best for you. 3 would be enough for me. So I choose 6. , 9 is definitely overkill for me unless I have he6's
  3. mojolo
    Thanks guys. Great advice & recommendations. I I think i'll go for 6db!
  4. bimmer100
    Yea!! I ordered 6db as well. Just about right for my needs.

    Now it will be +22db
  5. defbear
    Can you or someone coach me on ordering the Master 11. I sent an email to both email addresses displayed on the audìo-gd website. I gave contact and a shipping address and asked to receive a quote for total cost using Paypal for a Master 11 with the hdmi option. It's only been 24 hours. Is there anything else i should do?
  6. bimmer100
    Send an email to audio-gd@126.com
    And in the title say something - Place Order for Master 11 - please send invoice

    And then in the email ask for...
    master 11
    +6db volume upgrade
    HDMi to replace rj45 I2S
    Display go dark 7 second

    Or whatever you want.
    And explain your previous email and how you would like the current promotion and want to be sure to get your order in on time.

    Hope this helps.
    Luckbad and defbear like this.
  7. bimmer100
    And hopefully your email isn't getting blocked. Try another email address if possible if you think it's even a possibility. Do you have gmail? Should be fine.
  8. Stillhart
    You could also PM @Kingwa on here to ask for assistance if necessary.
    defbear likes this.
  9. bimmer100
    yes, if so, be sure to give your email address so Grace can send you an invoice.
  10. defbear
    Thank you! I had used an AT&T account and did not get a response. Via your suggestion, i used a gmail account and got an automated response. Contact
  11. defbear
    Thank you for the link. Saved me from bumbling about. I copyed Kingwa on my email. Oh wait, my tablet just got mail.
  12. junnyzhu
    I have Audio-GD Reference 5.32 and Master 9, connected with ACSS cable. Is this combination comparable to the Master-11 in SQ? 
  13. mojolo
    I can't help bug giggle out loud. I think you've got audio-gd communications perfected. No offense to AGD of course, Grace & Kingwa have been great to work with and I can't wait for my M11.
  14. junnyzhu
    Master 11 looks a great gear combining DAC and headphone amplifier.
  15. bimmer100
    Yea, well, i've had likely around one hundred emails in the last 3 months and dropped about 4grand or so. :D
    I gladly open my wallet to their products. They truly have been great to me!  I'm surely a lot to deal with as I have so many questions. But i'm a customer who actually spends money, so I suppose it's OK. :D
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