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Audio GD Master-11(Combination from Master 7 and Master 9)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by doyouknowsbmean, Jul 6, 2015.
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  1. Stillhart
    Ah, I don't know why I didn't notice that it had an amp before.  Probably because of the pricing falling right in between the 2-chip DAC-19 and the 8-chip M7.  
  2. mojolo

    Thank you. You seem to own/have owned some impressive gear to be in a position to compare DAC traits.
  3. doyouknowSBmean
    Here is a picture of what ref10.32 looks like:
  4. doyouknowSBmean

    I've been long as an audiophile...And I am caring more about the overall fluency and the timbre of a equipment. I don't like any gear which sounds artificial or cold or boxy. I know many of them even honored with great reputation in this community.
  5. doyouknowSBmean

    I am a lover of acoustic music. Master 11 has great timbre and resolution which is nice for acoustic playback. But I think M7 may be better for pure instrument playback like chamber music or solo or most of symphonies from my memory.
    M11 has unbeatable midrange while you might need an OffRamp 5 for a midrange compensation on M7. IMHO M7 has a U shape tune which makes it thin in midrange.
  6. Quinto
    Aii that's a no no for me.. cheers mate
  7. doyouknowSBmean

    And that's why I sold my 4-45..
  8. gsr108

    Using amperex 5842s really helped the midrange on the 445.
  9. doyouknowSBmean
    Nice to hear that you enjoy my 4-45. Do you try it with abyss?
  10. mojolo

    Thanks for your impressions! Have you had a chance to compare M11 with/without the regen? It would be interesting to see if the Amanero based DACs benefit as much from improved USB input as the USB32 DACs did. And whether the Regen + Amanero could be as good (or better) as the OR5.

    Also, I don't own the M11 amp yet, but the DAC/Pre switch should only affect the RCA/XLR outputs. Per Audio-gds product page:

  11. LancerFIN
    That's definitely what I hear as well. I haven't seen anyone else describing M7 as U-shaped so I was hesitant to call it such. Sounds very good with LCD-2F but I can see how it wouldn't be a good match for some other headphones.

    What's up audio-gd. Haven't shipped anything since Friday. Hope my Master-11 gets shipped today.
  12. xxxfbsxxx
    you should carefully have a look again all the info and specs from AGD to see if there is any more change apart from the vol knob and name.
  13. zeissiez

    Master 7 is mostly flat, with a slightly dark signature. Definitely not U-shaped.

    It's also incorrect to assume that the M11's DAC has a similar sound signature to the M7, just because they share the same chips and R2R design. I had a Reference 5.32, other than the slightly darker sound similarity, the other aspects like transparency, soundstage, presentation, vocal are very different.
  14. LancerFIN
    Of course there is. But mostly very minor upgrades. The biggest being the power output, volume knob and the name. Maybe 3 pin xlr's are deal breaker to someone.

    Ref10 was combined Ref7 and M8 as far as I know. Considering how much more popular M7 and M9 are than their predecessors it makes sense for that to affect sales of M11. Even if the upgrade in sound quality is not big.

    Trying to do double quote on old samsung phone which I dare not call smartphone. oh god..

    To my ears M7 is warmer than my sabre DAC but there also is more treble. If that's not U-shaped or slightly recessed mids then I don't know what is.
  15. xxxfbsxxx
    really? a manufacturer who could raise the output power from a product's predecessor power by almost 35% while maintaining the same price and still cant call it a "significant" upgrade? 
    or raising output power by 35% is very easy task? also the other standard measurements must also be maintained
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