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Audio GD Master-11(Combination from Master 7 and Master 9)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by doyouknowsbmean, Jul 6, 2015.
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  1. LancerFIN
    Isn't USB better than spdif without good converter? For some reason I have been led to believe so. I am not sure if it's true. Any decent motherboard has optical and coax.

    I didn't hear any difference between them in NFB-15. Guess I'll have to try once I get home. Optical of course is capped to 96khz but that's all I need.
  2. bimmer100
    Can you tell me more about your Raspberry Pi with Volumio and Hifiberry Digi.

    I don't know very much about that and would like to know what advantages or reasons you might be using that device? 
    I'm genuinely curious to know more and how it's setup with the Master11.
    The onboard USB32 from Via is very very good, and Kingwa states its about as good as Amanero. Wednesday i'm getting my Amanero Combo 384 to be installed. I also just tried a Gustard U12 with HDMI I2S...(no go, am returning to seller).  
  3. bimmer100
    Oddly, I was testing my Gustard U12 last night. Along with optical/Toslink and other input options. I noticed that when I used Optical that I really didn't like the input quality compared to the USB32 with schiit Wyrd.  Anything is possible i suppose. But I didn't get good results with the Toslink. I'm using a very good siltech lifatec toslink cable too.
    I'm sticking to USB. using internal Elfidelity USB card with 5V linear power supply (TeraDak)
  4. BigEar
    Can't judge yet on the M11 as I noticed with the NFB28 that also the USB receiver needs a burn-in period. What I noticed on the NFB28 is that the USB (on a PC with JRiver & JPlay) made a larger projection of the sound but with some minor digital glare. The Rpi SPDIF combi sounds smaller but to me more natural. I use the electrical RCA connection which is decoupled by a transformer. I would have preferred AES but there is no connector board for the Pi, optical connections are IMHO not so good.  Of course, there are multiple variables in this setup so I definitely will redo the comparison when the M11 has had its burn-in period.
    What I like (apart from the sound) on the RPi setup is that you can easily leave it on all the time (takes only a couple of Watts), a linear power supply is relative cheap and it is easy to connect different sources (USB stick, NAS and Spotify are directly supported, other sources can be connected via Airplay).
    As a future experiment I want to try to couple the Rpi directly to the M11 via I2S. 
  5. Stillhart
    FYI, there's a RPi thread floating around somewhere.  It's not super active but it's a good place to start for more info. 
    Short version:  some people believe that simplifying your player eliminates EMI and jitter and **** like that.  They use things like JPlay or modified Windows installs to achieve a similar effect.  The RPi is a super simple and cheap way to get a trimmed down system to see if you thin kit sounds better.  I put one together for $80 I think (without the HifiBerry) using USB into the Gustard U12.  It didn't work out of the box with the DI-2014 because of the Via drivers.  I wonder if Amanero will work...
    Oh and for the record, I didn't notice any improvement in the sound.  Others have.  YMMV.  For $80, it's a fun little hobby device.
  6. mojolo
    wondering if you could comment a bit more on the depth of soundstage? in the M7 thread, several folks confirm that the M7 has a wider soundstage but, otoh, state that the Yggy has more depth, a stronger 3D soundstage. Celmmaster seems to be the biggest critic of the M7's depth.
    it would be great if the M11 had more depth than the M7, but I should think this wouldn't be the case...
  7. bimmer100

    I tried a lot of that stuff yet saw no improvement whatsoever . Maybe since my computer is a beast and doesn't get slowed down for anything.
    Jplay, and some audiophile tweaked thing that modifies the windows install, another that runs on windows server platform... No improvement.
    Just being honest.
  8. Stillhart
    No worries, I had the same experience.  I think the other advantage is that it's a small, low-power source that you can tuck away and control with your phone or tablet.  You're not tethered to your beastly computer that draws tons of power just to listen to music.  
    I have a beastly comp too, and I leave it all on the time so it doesn't matter to me.  I suspect you're probably the same.  But if, for instance, you have a listening station away from your computer, you don't have to settle for using your phone or whatever for a source.  I dunno, I guess I don't have a ton of use for it so I'm bad at coming up with examples.  lol
  9. hyoboy24
    Greetings from Singapore!
    I just received the Master 11 with Amanero today, if I am using headphones and USB input, should I change the settings to Hd6? Switch at the back should be set as DAC instead of Pre?
    Previous rig was an Auralic Vega + Taurus MK II, sold that a few days ago to make some space for the Master 11 on my desk.
    Fresh out of the box, the sound signature is much more musical compared to Vega. Vocals are not as forward sounding compared to Vega, soundstage is wider and instrument separation is superb. Bass seems to emphasize quality over quantity, very nice tight bass compared to the Vega, the Vega sounded a tad boomy.
    Slightly dark sounding, but very involving and organic, gives off a lush feeling. Resolution wise, at first I thought Vega had more detail, but I could listen to the same nuances with the Master 11, just that it was not as pronounced and analytical as the Vega.
    For electronic music, I felt the Vega was better here. The Master 11 is no slouch here, but I felt that the Vega was more dynamic and punchy. The Master 11 makes it sound smooth and more musical, a little lacking in bite and aggressiveness.
    Hopefully it gets better after more hours on it?
    But.. I would say I prefer the Master 11 to the Auralic stack. The R2R goodness is simply irresistible, I thought the Auralic stack was already pretty good at making music sound natural...until I heard the Master 11.  :)
    LancerFIN likes this.
  10. doyouknowSBmean
    I can't compare Master 11 with M7 or YGG right now. I only have marantz CD6005/HEV90/D100 as DAC. M11 is significantly better than those in terms of the depth of the sound stage. YGG and M11 both has very best depth and width of soundstage but I like M11 more since M11 has more euphonic tune IMHO.
  11. LancerFIN
    Master 11 better than Auralic stack and doyouknowSBmean prefers Master 11 over Ygg/Rag.
    Funny what a volume knob and changing the name from reference to Master can do. As far as I know Ref 10 was never a popular product. Maybe Master 11 will be a huge success.
  12. doyouknowSBmean

    Welcome. Nice impression here. I had YGG+RAG stack for HE1000 earlier but I sold the stack later. I found Schiit combo was also more punchy and dynamic than M11 but yes I sold the stack for Master 11 has much better musical tune. It is as organic as many old school macintosh tube amplifier could deliver. I like that.
    Recently I bought a pair of Siltech G7 Princess RCA as the interconnect for Master11+HEV90. The overall performance is greatly improved with magnificent and ultra resolving treble. You may try that out for your LCD+M11 system.
  13. Quinto
    Can anyone please comment on how the Master 11 handles (classical) solo piano..I'm still in doubt which DAC to buy,, it's narrowed down now to master 11/7 or YGG..
    I also interested to know opinions on how Master11 handles classical symphonies, chamber music and Jazz piano-trio's and sax..
    O I might add I'm mildly sensitive for treble (tinnitus), which makes me lean toward the Master11 (or 7?)
  14. Stillhart
    Did the Ref-10.32 have an amp onboard?  I thought it was just a fully balanced DAC (doubled up DAC-19).
  15. doyouknowSBmean
    REF10.32 is also an ALL IN ONE combo but the amplifier part has much less output power than Master 11.
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