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Audio-gd Exclusive Power Cords (polarity corrected) TWO OF THEM (one is 8 ft., one is 6 ft.) Selling both together only

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  1. IPodPJ
    For Sale
    I'm selling my Audio-gd Exclusive Power Cords as a pair only.  One is 8 feet long and the other is 6 feet long.
    I paid $75 each + shipping from China.  The total cost was about $180.
    I have corrected the wiring at the AC 3-prong side, which was wired with the polarity reversed.  There was a thread about this issue.
    $95 for both + shipping and paypal fees, or you can come pick them up locally from the Los Angeles area.  Cashiers check or money order is also okay.
    My feedback link is in my signature.  A+ seller.  Buy with confidence.
    Thanks for looking!
  2. LosNir
    Hi, Can you post some pictures?
  3. IPodPJ


    Already have a local buyer coming to pick them up this weekend.  If something happens than I certainly will.  But they look just like Audio-gd power cords with the red connectors.  They are in good condition.
  4. IPodPJ
    Sale Pending as of tomorrow morning.
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