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Audio-gd Digital Interface

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by reiserfs, Jul 3, 2010.
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  1. Poetik
    Anyways, are there any reviews yet from those who have heard the usbface?
  2. ninjikiran
    The difference between the Dac in my mobile phone and my external dac is larger than life itself.  Its almost like listening through a tin can, the similar effect to using super flimsy cheap corner sold headphones.
    That said i am sure the DAC in the ipod is better than whatever my phone uses.  Thouugh I find myself wishing more and more that portable audio devices could have digital transports so that you can use a controllable portable dac/amp.  Back on the topic of transports :wink:
  3. AVU
    Apologies if this is a dumb question, but I can't find a straightforward answer on either forum:
    Assuming a relatively low-end setup (albeit with high-end phones) : MacBookPro using Pure Vinyl - optical to Audio-Gd Sparrow - JH13 Pros
    would the introduction of the HiFace (modified or no) or this new unit have any real effect on the sound, or would it be better to just upgrade the Sparrow to a HDP or some other separate DAC and AMP?
    I know most won't have this exact combo, but assume the Sparrow to be identical to the sound of say, the Audist, Matrix mini-i, Pico Dac/Amp, iBasso D4/D10, Audio-Gd Fun, etc. DAC/AMP combo under $450.  
  4. haloxt
    I've tried to use a converter on the sparrow. I could tell a very small difference, maybe nice for long-listening, but not worth the $$. I think this is because the sparrow has a bit of an energetic sound signature and instrument positioning isn't really its strong point. Two tweaks I like on the sparrow is headphone recable and thicker power cable, both of which cost me ~$10 each, and imo yield more benefit than converter.
    Different kind of benefit though, and imo certain things like headphone cable is simply more important than jitter, I just hate the choked sound of thin and long headphone cable.
  5. tim3320070
    Hardware should be more important than signal wires or digital conversion of 1's and 0'2 (though they have importance to some)- isn't this common sense to most (no offense haloxt)?
    The biggest improvement in sound quality I have heard is thru better or different headphones (some $200 headphones can sound "better" to you than $600 ones in my experience). Better DAC's and amps provide better sound but you need to make a big step up to really notice it.
    Buy a DAC19 DAC plus C2 amp ($900), and you will probably hear a decent improvement over the Sparrow. Fun is supposed to be very similar to the Sparrow according to Kingwa.
    These are my opinions.
    Sure the devices are important but wo are the signal wires and digital conversions.  It is all part of the system and you are only as good as your weakest link.
  7. haloxt
    I don't see how you disagreed with me so I don't take any offense hehe. I believe in cables for optimizing audio chains though, I have had a lot of joy swapping cables. But of course only play with cables once you have a headphone, amp, and dac you like enough to improve.
  8. Currawong Contributor
    AVU: Get better separates for sure.  I'd save your money for a few more months and get a more serious rig.
  9. AVU
    Cool, thanks for all the quick replies.  That's basically what I thought, I just wanted to hear it from people who know more than I do (ie, everyone here.)
    As a final question, since you're all being so nice, is there any possibility of just using the headphone out of a good DAC if I'm only using the ultra low impedence JH13s?  One with a gain knob, such as the Benchmark DAC1 or Lavry 10/11?  Or is that just an awful idea?  I only ask because when I tried the straight dac out of the ibasso D4, I thought it actually sounded BETTER than the dac+amp out to the JH13s, I just couldn't control the volume :wink:
  10. Currawong Contributor
    Depends on the minimum gain of the DA10/11.  The digital volume control will be beneficial, however.  Maybe shoot Lavry an email and see what they reckon about IEMs with their gear. 
  11. boomana
    I just deleted a page of posts.  If your post(s) were deleted, consider yourself warned, and you are asking for a vacation from posting if you continue.  Trolling, insulting members personally, even if in response to being provoked, or quoting trolling posts just to stir the pot some more really bring this forum down.  Please knock it off.
  12. leeperry

    Looks like noone received it yet..
  13. tim3320070
    End of the month before shipment I was told.


    Not sure if you were talking to me, however i was speaking with the guy in the other posting.  I am all for quality cables also, that is up to a point before the "quality" goes all silly if you know what I mean.
    Sorry, not trying to go off topic, just answering a posting.
  15. volume
    What about the PLL on the DSP3 would we need to turn it off also similar to the DSP1 on DAC19
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