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Audio-GD DI-20

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by soundlogic, Oct 29, 2019.
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  1. FredA
    I believe this is galvanic isolation indeed between the clean and the dirty side. But having galvanic isolation on the usb line can also help. I have an intona and will likely keep it as my setup always sounded better with it with the u16 and the f-1.
  2. darren700
    Good point, i guess more isolation should only help rather than hurt.
  3. motberg
    This is a good point concerning the USB driver compatibility with the software and hardware being used.
    I have very similar setup to yours, and in my experience I am more successful tweaking the AO digital filters than the DACLink (I never could get much over 80hz with hibernate enabled and usually preferred settings of 20 or 10 anyways)... so the AO filters will probably also require review..

    I really liked the isolated Amanero in my R1 and seems that is the basis for the new DI. (I do not remember exactly, but maybe I got 45 hz with the R1, I seem to always be able to get 45 even with hibernate.)

    Thanks again for the report - looking forward to your listening evaluation. The U16/M7 must be a fantastic combo for PCM, but my guess is the DI-20 may be able to offer some lightness/air to the presentation given my experience with the Amanero.... not to mention possibly increased stability and for sure better firmware/driver support... jejejejeje....:ksc75smile:
  4. frizzup
    Hi motberg,

    The system is running-in 24/7 with a playlist of different artists, genres, and sample rates, and as of today I have not tried to listen other than to know its working. Will give it a first listen this coming weekend with some additional 100+ hours clocked up. My Audio-GD DI-2014 took some 300+ hours to settle-in, the Master 7 and Master 10 were much longer than that. Then there is the need to review the AO filters as you commented. I currently run 1A on both CPC/APC. The Gustard u16 Audio-GD Master 7 was/is indeed a stunning combo. I had no issues with U16 (pops, clicks, distortion etc etc) with Firmware and Sample rates, the PSA version of each firmware release always worked with the Audio-GD Master 7. So contrary to a number of members on this forum.

    Only challenge was the USB driver into Windows Server 2019 (Core). So why change from the U16?.

    Audio-GD (Kingwa) over the years has always delivered to me a tight integrated/tested ecosystem, you just have to hear his I2S implementation in Master 7, and CAST (ACSS) implementation between units with good ACSS cables (mine are from Double Twisted) to know he/his technology delivers. His only weakness IMHO has been USB interface implementations with Tenor/Via. Once I heard he was delivering a new external DCC based on Amanero and R-Core I knew I would invest sight/sound/reviews unseen and trust it will give an upgrade over the U16 as well as better support with future FPGA/USB upgrades. The U16 and its external 10mhz world clock will stay with me and go into my Audio-GD Reference 5.32/C2.2 Headphones rig replacing its Audiophilleo 2 MkI Dcc which in turn will get sold along with the Audio-D DI-2014.

    Will update after the weekends listening session and hopefully by then other DI-20, DI-20HE's will have started to arrive to his customers
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
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  5. DACLadder
    @frizzup Is your Master 7 DAC the original or upgraded with Singularity digital board? Just want to get the correct picture in my mind as you describe. Thanks!
  6. frizzup
    Hi DacLadder,

    Its an original. I totally missed out on the singularity upgrade being available ;-(
  7. DACLadder
    @frizzup Thanks! The old M7 can can sound pretty good especially HDMI I2S. Lower the jitter the better!
  8. maellen
    I'm kinda new into this device. Interested to know more & curious whether in can really improve my system?

    Current setup:
    PC (Foobar2000) > "USB" > R1 > "ACSS" > NFB-1AMP > "XLR" > Headphone

    Plays mostly FLAC & some DSD.
  9. FredA
    A bit early to tell but most likely.
  10. motberg
    If the R1 has the isolated USB option, then you are already at a pretty good level (I had one of those, also with NFB-1AMP) and I would start with the PC software which may be offer significant upgrade for relatively small investment. By then, there should be reports of the DI-20 performance vs. the native Amanero.
  11. FredA
    Also big gauge power cords are a rather cheap and a worthwhile upgrade. And an above average acss ic.
    motberg likes this.
  12. FredA
    My system has been performing heavenly for most of the last weeks, except some fluctuations having to do with a new acss cable. So i am not certain what the di20-he can add i don't already have, especially regarding treble, which i would consider as perfect... But sometimes i guess you just don't know what you are missing until you get it.
  13. maellen
    Thanks for the prompt feedback. Will follow this thread & observe findings from the owners of DI-20s at the moment.
  14. DACLadder
    Does anyone have an update on DI-20 sound quality and operation?

    Or maybe should ask if anyone else has received one of the first batch of the DIs shipped last Friday.
  15. newabc
    A new impression in Kingwa's bbs.audio-gd.com by "闻鸡起舞"(http://bbs.audio-gd.com/dispbbs.asp?boardid=2&Id=31346&page=1&star=2) Translated by google translate, I did a little adjustment on translation.

    "Mac amarra with external usb3.0 hard drive, ACSS current transmission on coaxial output, North Sea turntable is not comparable (with DI-20). The sound field is wide in scale, accurate and stable on positioning, and the overall analytical ability is improved. The performance is shown on extremely weak sound, revealing extremely delicate, low frequency band with high resolution and heavy impact, realistic impact, more intense texture, rich expression, the style is similar as the impression of CD7, but better. Still need to burn in!"
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
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