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Audio-GD DI-20

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by soundlogic, Oct 29, 2019.
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  1. FredA
    No special cable needed, bnc will just make your cable better because the signal is carried as current. It will work perfecly with most dacs, and is garanteed to work with any recent audio-gd dac.
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  2. frizzup
    Got my shipping and tracking details this morning, Arrives NZ Tuesday next week via UPS (DI-20 98)

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  3. DACLadder
    Have any DI-20 HEs shipped?
  4. FredA
    No news on my side. I would assume mine has shipped....
  5. FredA
    Officially shipped!
  6. JaMo
    Mine too!
  7. GU1DO
    Does the DI-20 do upscale or just convert (and re-clock) from USB Tot COAX ?
  8. FredA
    Just clocks (not reclock, cause using the same clock on both side) usb out to maximize sound quality. It reclocks the coax input however to remove jitter.
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  9. GU1DO
    Thank you, i am in the mood to try new USB to COAX convertor though i am enjoying my HiFace Two and it sound amazing but why not trying new stuff specially if it was from my favorite brand, I will wait for some feedback here before ordering, hopefully it will be good product ,

    i highly recommend upgrading the power cable with Audio-GD products ,, that's very important , my M9 sound different amp with quality power cable.
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  10. FredA
    Yes indeed. A friend of mine just got a r-28/a1 combo and i recommended affordable quality power cables to him. Non feedback are most sensitive to this.
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  11. newabc
    I got my tracking number of a regular DI-20 90/98M today.
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  12. frizzup
    So the DI-20 90/98M arrived this morning one day early via UPS into New Zealand.

    Installed into my HiFi rig replacing a Gustard U16.

    Had some reconfiguring of my dual PC WIndows Server 2019 (Core), Audio Optimizer V3.0 and JPLAY 7D. The reconfiguring was on the AudioPC which connects to the DI-20 via a JCAT USB 2.0 PCIE card and a Double Twisted USB cable. Output from the DI-20 to my Audio-GD Master 7 is via a Wireworld Platinum 0.5m HDMI cable. The main task is loading the Amanero USB driver into Windows 2019 (Core). The tools within Audio Optimizer V3.0 helped here. Follow the instructions in this JPLAY forum thread and you will be good to go.


    Any questions just post and I'll get back to asap

    So starts yet another Audio-GD burn-in, but use to these as in, DAC19-DSP/C400, C2.2, Reference 5.2, Master 7/Master 10, its an interesting journey as the stage unfolds before your ears :)

    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
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  13. JaMo
    Congrats! You must be the first outside China. -Any initial impressions?
  14. frizzup
    The configuring of settings/options through the buttons on the DI-20 as explained on the Audio-GD website need further detail and clarity, somewhat confusing as to what some of the options mean/do. Intially got "no sound" having installed into the my rig replacing the Gustard U16. Eventually worked out that I needed to lower the DAClink setting in the JPLAY control panel to 20mhz to get 44.1, 88.2, 96, 176.2 and 192mhz sample rates working. I typically ran the Gustard U16 with a DAClink of 45mhz. So the drivers Gustard/Amanero require quite different settings, what this will mean to the sound/stage too early to say
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  15. darren700
    Currently with my Gustard U16 I use a Uptone ISO Regen powered by a Uptone LPS-1. The ISO Regen provides Galvanic Isolation, completely regenerates the USB signal and provides a moat to block leakage currents, I also cut the 5V USB input into the U16 via Uptones USBPCB A>B Adapter.
    My USB signal is already very clean coming from a SOTM SMS-200 Ultra Neo but I find that the ISO Regen still helps with the U16.

    However, looking at the design of the DI-20 it seems that it may render my ISO Regen redundant once It replaces my U16.
    If you look at the DI-20 PCB you can see the same style "Moat" beween the USB input and the rest of the PCB very similar to the ISO Regen. Also from their website Kingwa states "Built in the 150M high speed isolator between USB interface and FPGA signal processor. Because the isolator can effect the data and clock transmit, so the FPGA has corrected the timing to improved on sound quality ."
    I wonder if the DI-20 achieves Galvanic isolation?

    I will test with DI-20 after I receive it to see if the ISO Regen still improves the sound.
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