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Audio-gd C-2C Vs Sheer Audio HA-006+ Vs EF5 Vs WA6

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by xthakila, Aug 29, 2010.
  1. xthakila
    I want to buy a new AMP undecided between these. Which one of these is the best to drive the ah-d7000, Beyer DT990 600 ohm, senn 800's, senn 650's? 
    Any thoughts on the little dot VIII SE would also be appreciated.
  2. xthakila
    no input from anyone?
  3. haloxt
    What source will the amp be used with? What amp are you upgrading from? What kind of sound improvements are you looking for?
    The source may be more important than amp if you don't have a good one... I can't imagine an mp3 player+$300+ amp sounding good with the hd800.
  4. xthakila
    pc to yulong D100
  5. haloxt
    The yulong D100 appears to have a quality dac section so forget about me saying you may have to upgrade that. Can't give advice on amp though, would recommend you ask on the individual threads you are interested in.
  6. xthakila
    Cheers man thanks alot if anyone can give input on amps it would be greatly appreciated
  7. TheWuss
    two solid state, one hybrid, and one tube amp.
    do you have a preference in that regard?
    they're likely to be pretty similar in quality, and it would probably come down to preference, versatility, and price.
    i have the wa6, and love it to death.
    haven't heard the others.

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