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Jan 6, 2012
I work for an IT company and the suite we are in used to be a health club. When the health club vacated the suite they left behind their in ceiling speakers. We want to make use of them and stream music for the office.
We have a 75Mb connection.
We know we need an amp or receiver based on impedence with low power output. The tough part is finding the device to stream the music. The owner wants something that can use Spotify, Pandora, or other streaming services to get the music as we want to stay within legal rights. We would like something that has an ethernet port and a web interface for easy control.
I have looked at the Grace Digital Tuner Pro, but it seems to get poor reviews as it can only be controlled via the remote rather than via web page. Any other recommendations that may fit this bill?
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  Streaming audio services on a device connected by Ethernet; what about a PC?
Add a USB DAC or use the onboard audio to connect it to an amp

We didnt want to buy a PC dedicated to this. Streaming devices are typically around $100-$200 vs a decent PC around $600.
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  Raspberry Pi $35 + Hifiberry DAC $34.90 + volumio/rune audio $0 + spotify premium + that amp = done.
Web interface and everything.

Would it be better to go with the Raspberry Pi B+ and the HifiBerry DAC+? Also one of the requirements is Pandora One. Does Volumio/Rune support Pandora One?
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I'd go with the raspberry pi 2 personally, as its the same price. Hifiberry + is better, whether you would even be able to tell over ceiling speakers is a whole other question though.

Honestly I didn't even know Pandora was still around. A quick google search got me about ten ways to "make a Pandora jukebox" with the pie so I'm going with yes.

I know for a fact kodi/xbmc has a webui and Pandora support, so if worst came to worst the full fledged media centre would solve the problem for you. It supports just about every other streaming service too, including tidal.
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Im leaning towards RuneOS. I like the CubieTruck because it has 2Gb of RAM vs 512Mb and 1Gb on other devices and the gigabit ethernet. This will be wired directly into a gigabit POE switch.
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So our current setup will be a Dayton Audio AP100 amp to the HiFiBerry Dac+ (Standard RCA) on top of the Pi2 board (1Gb RAM, quad core 900Mhz CPU) and the Samsung Evo 16Gb Class 10 Micro SDHC card. Speakers were already in place and are the Lowell 8C10W speakers.
Now I am evaluating Volumio vs RuneOS. Volumio seems like it has more support for customization than Rune, but both have an almost identical interface. Any input on Volumio vs RuneOS vs PiMusicBox?
So far I have found that neither offer Pandora support.

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