Audio engineering interface plus DD/DTS decoder?
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Jan 3, 2010
Hey guys, I have a set of Promedia Ultra 5.1s. Some of you may know that since they are old, they do not support optical or HDMI, which means no DTS. I did not want the Logitech z5500s because I know Logitech just focuses on loud bass, and I like some subtlety and detail in my sound too. After some googling, most people suggested trying to find this extremely rare Promedia decoder box that can't be found.
Now here's another thing. I also do sound mixing/recording with an XLR mic. Ideally, I don't want 2 boxes on my desk. Is there a unit that can make my Promedia's with a green/black/orange plug play DTS, and accept XLRs and act as a pre-amp at the same time? (That isn't ridiculously expensive)

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