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Audio Engine A2 Powered Speaker w/ OEM Stand

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  1. flame
    For Sale
    Selling a pair of 8 months old white Audio Engine A2 powered speakers with Stand (purchased separately)
    It will only come with the speaker, original speaker cable, RCA-Mini cable, oem mini-mini and original power cord (Asia 3 prong wall plug support 100v - 240v).
    Sorry the box and other manuals all got thrown out by 'helping' wife the next day without asking me if i needed them.
    Cosmetic wise 9/10, 1 scuff on top of left side speaker.
    Will only accept Paypal Gift payment. Ship worldwide. Price has already included shipping with regular airmail from Hong Kong.
    Note: Moving soon, so will consider all offer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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