Audio delay with 2013 Astro Mixamp Pro in "Bitstream (Dolby)" format on PS4
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Jul 13, 2015
I have a 2013 model Astro Mixamp Pro connected to my PS4 via optical cable and USB, with a standard pair of stereo headphones connected to the Mixamp. I've noticed a slight audio delay while in "Bitstream (Dolby)" and "Bitstream (DTS)" format. It's small, but noticeable (about 100ms), especially with shooters. Switching to "Linear PCM" format removes the delay, but also removes the virtual surround capability. Playing audio through my home theater system via optical cable has no delay in all formats, as does playing audio through the headphone jack on the controller. The only time there is a delay is when using "Bitstream (Dolby)/(DTS) format through the Mixamp. This is very upsetting, as this is the only way to use the virtual surround feature of the Mixamp, which was a major deciding factor in purchasing it. Is this an inherent issue with the Mixamp? If someone with more experience than me could shed some knowledge on this situation, it would be much appreciated.
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Have you updated your firmware?  I know the mixamp has had a lot of issues worked out through their firmware.  Contact Astro support.  Their support is really good.  

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