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Audience AU24 SX Interconnects - RCA 0.5m

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  1. Mr Brett
    For Sale
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    New Audience AU24 SX RCA Interconnects 0.5m

    Selling because I can't realistically justify (to my family) the need for the second pair for work ...
    ...although that would be nice; they did sound fabulous straight out of the box on my work system of:
    MacBook Air
    Audirvana +
    Audio-gd NFB-12.1 DAC
    A&R Cambridge A60
    Mission 780
    US$1300 incl shipping and Paypal fees

    IMG_0804.JPG IMG_0805.JPG IMG_0806.JPG IMG_0807.JPG IMG_0808.JPG
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2018
  2. Mr Brett
    Price drop...
  3. Mr Brett
  4. Mr Brett
    Sold for £570

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