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Aug 25, 2010
Audia Flight Phono.  This thing is beautiful, in perfect condition (no marks, scratch, blemish or anything).  I bought it from the Audia Flight dealer (their demo), and have put maybe 30 hours on it.  I absolutely love its sound, and if you read Fremer’s rave review in Stereophile you will know exactly what it sounds like, which is why I bought it.
Yes, I would love to keep it, but I am selling everything I have to fund a start-up.  Not fun, but not much choice.  Things I found tremendously useful:
  • 2 inputs (one MM one MC, but I think you can change either to the other
  • Two outputs, one balanced, one RCA, both of which can be used at the same time.  I used the RCA outs to run to my preamp, and the balanced outputs to run to a Benchmark A to D converter.  Worked fantastic!
  • Variable gain and a mono switch.
  • A gorgeous work of art (Italian after all)
  • Separate power supply
Also included are the original jumpers to allow for resistive and capacitive loading.  These are inserted into sockets on the back near the input stage.  You can also insert custom resistor values in another set of sockets.
Fremer loved it (and raved a bit).  He said: 
“The Phono laid it all out on the pitch-blackest backgrounds. It was dead quiet. Those black backgrounds were reminiscent of the Boulder 2008 (+$30,000) and, to a somewhat lesser degree, my current solid-state reference, Einstein Audio's Turntable's Choice. However, the Flight Phono produced music out of what subjectively sounded like an even blacker backdrop, and probably partly because of that, its soundstage presentation was among the most transparent, deep, and three-dimensional I've heard from any phono stage.” 
“Nor did the Phono's dynamic presentation leave anything to be desired. It beat the Manley Labs Steelhead by a considerable margin, and possibly the Einstein as well, though that was too close to call. If you have problems with transformer-coupled MC stages (I don't), the Phono will take care of them. With up to 74dB of available gain, it can handle cartridges of even the lowest output.”
“The Flight's overall presentation was free of grain and edge, and as pure and smooth as I've heard from any other great phono preamp. Its bottom end was taut, extended, extremely well defined, and rhythmically proficient. The top end was clean, ultrafast without being bright or edgy, and transients were detailed without sounding clinical. In short, I was reminded not only of the far more expensive Boulder 2008, but also of the pricier Naim Superline with Supercap power supply.”
“The Phono produced maximum musical excitement with all musical genres, and with both MM and MC cartridges. Its harmonic presentation and delivery of musical flow probably won't satisfy die-hard tube fanatics in search of that "golden glow," but if you're okay with solid-state—and I am—the Audia Flight Phono is a set-it-and-forget-it product that you happily will forget is contributing to the musical presentation. It just gets out of the way and lets the notes roll.”
“With its good looks, convenient front-panel controls (including Mono and +10dB on demand), and high-tech and equally high build quality, the Audia Flight Phono is a superbly made product that produces superb sound—and, at $6100, is a superb value. I could live happily ever after with this pleasant surprise from Italy.”
That’s why I bought it, and my listening agreed with that assessment.  The unit is in perfect condition (not a scratch, ding, blemish or anything), everything comes with it (box, manual, jumpers, power cord) and I have excellent feedback on Audiogon (I like to treat people as I like to be treated).  No trades since I am cashing everything out.  Questions are welcome.  Buyer to pay shipping and PayPal fees to be added to the final amount.
Thanks for looking!
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