Audeze XC Issue
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Jun 29, 2013
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Hi All -

My Audeze XC took a minor spill. About 4 feet off my headphone hook.

No damage at all to the headphones cosmetically, and I didn't believe any issue to the cans sound wise either.

Then - I started to think the bass sounded a little thin. It's not thin in one driver, it just sounds thinner overall (I think), but it's very subtle.

It was driving me crazy so I went into the shop where I bought them and listened to another pair. I don't think there was a huge difference - maybe a minor one - but I did not have my headphones with me so I couldn't do side by side comparison.

I had been listening to my ue18 quite a bit - which is definitely a bassy headphone - so I thought my ears had adjusted to that. But listening to my 007 mk ii and he 60, they feel like they have deeper bass. The xc definitely still has impact, but not as much as the 007 mk ii - and the he 60 is not a bassy can but it's more dynamic so I think I'm perceiving more bass.

Is is even possible to screw up these drivers from a 4 foot drop? These cans seem pretty durable, but not sure if a magnet could get loose throwing off the bass response. I could send them back to audeze but don't want to if there is nothing wrong.

I also have done a number of bass sweep and it's all there - I just can't tell if it's recessed or not.

Is this in my head - or should I send them back to audeze?

Thanks in advance.

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