Audeze SINE Series

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mammal, Jan 4, 2016.
  1. dpwolfordMD
    Audeze app update with iOS 11 compatibility is out today!
  2. imnostatic
    ^^^ I have both Sine and now Aeon Flux Open in the house. They are somewhat similar but the AFO goes deeper and wider and isn't brittle at all. Keeping them both - Sine for using the Cypher and iPhone, AFO for home use, have a iDSD BL and Schiit setup en-route.
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  3. jbxx
    Was just pushed to my device! :)
    How comfortable is the Sine with stock pads in your opinion?

    I’ve seen the Sine with Cipher drop down to $299 multiple times throughout the year so I have a goal on Black Friday weekend to find it for $199-$249.
  5. dpwolfordMD
    I have been doing well on the stock pads for up to 2 hours. It helps to angle the earcups forwards. But for my upcoming travel plans I plan to swap them for the brainwavz pleather pads (non-angled). Will update with my findings
    Audeze only has 20 of the Sine left on Amazon...

    I hope this means they do have a new generation planned. Less so due to cost and more so due to portability, I’m not ready to commit to a LCD Series and an amplifier since my life is mobile. Sine is a valuable part of the Audeze lineup.

    I tried the iSine10 and honestly after just a week gave up on them due to the fit and returned them. I’m afraid to buy Sine since I will have to also return them if they’re uncomfortable so I hope Audeze releases gen 2 soon with comfort improvements. Or just makes Sine with the same form factor but over-ear...
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  7. acia
    sine with lcd pads..... sublime comfort! momentum pads, comfort with mobility!
  8. acia
    sine with lcd pads. soundstage seems to be much bigger.
    They should just release Sine gen 2 with LCD pads. :)

    Form factor and opensss would still be differentiators between the Sine and LCD line.
  10. acia

    i am just using 3d printed adapter. bit small for the humongous lcd pads. but as long as it doesn't fall off i am happy with it.

    but bit amazed at the new soundstage.

    if just for the sake of comfort and mobility, momentum 1 pad is good enough.
  11. draytonklammer
    Ordered a pair for $180 for black Friday.


    My first major portable. Used to my usually Abyss Phi 430HA Yggy setup.

    Will be way better than the earbuds that came with me GS8
  12. BB 808
    PM me with link for that awesome deal please :wink:
  13. draytonklammer
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  14. BB 808
  15. draytonklammer
    Cheers! Hope we both love it.
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