Audeze SINE Series

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mammal, Jan 4, 2016.
  1. Tetonpowskier
    I got my Sines today. They are really good. Still really fun and fast for EDM, but much better for other genres than my specific "fun" cans. I think my cipher cable is somehow messed up though.

    At first I noticed mine didnt sound exactly like the one I auditioned at the apple store a couple weeks ago. It sounds really clear with the cipher, but it hiccups and cant process dense material at all. It stutters. Never heard a headphone do this. Like when processing dense EDM, with lots of sounds and vocals in the same timeframe, the vocals will cut out.

    Then I plugged it into my fiio A5 with the standard chord. Although less clear, it doesnt stutter and skip out at all. Bass comes alive from the Fiio too.

    Keepers for sure. Just gonna warranty the cipher cable, unless is works itself out.
  2. jbxx
    Would like to know that too.

    Waiting for the v2 rumors!
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  4. snip3r77
  5. Sound Eq
    absolutely like the sine , this thread is really long so can i ask what is advised to get the best of it

    1- which are the best pads for comfort without causing a negative effect on sound quality
    2- third party cables to go balanced 2.5 mm
  6. Tetonpowskier
    Returned mine due to cipher problems, but will be ordering again. Great portable headphones
  7. Sound Eq
    i think the audeze app needs an update as sometimes the cipher does not respond to eq changes although its connected
    i wonder if audeze would look into implementing a parametric eq
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  8. Galaxy358
    hi guys, have been using the Sine for over a year now. Looking forward for a significant upgrade with >1000$ budget. Any ideas? as long as it's portable (full sized on ear or IEM doesn't matter).

    Thank you!
  9. phthora
    The MrSpeakers AEON would be the most direct upgrade that I've heard. It has those beautiful mids of the Audeze, but it adds deeper bass extension, and a smoother, more extended treble. The comfort of the AEONs is also a 180 from the SINEs, the former are extremely comfortable and a dream to wear. I use them in a portable set-up, but they are a bit large.

    Were you looking to stick with a similar sound signature as the SINEs?
  10. jurumal
    CA Andromeda. Very resolving and fun IEM. More comfortable and portable then the Sine.
  11. Galaxy358
    I like the sound signature of the Sine, but a better soundstage and a much better comfort would be nice.
  12. jagwap
    AKG K872 are big, but very well sealed however they almost sound open. Better than the sines in almost every way, but a little different sound signature. They are significantly more sensitive than the sinesb which is useful on phones.

    The cable is too long, so I'm making a new one once I get the Lemo connector.
  13. chicken beer
    I put thin foam behind the hm5 pads, it improves further.
  14. KMann
    We have identified an issue that caused the App to stop responding when switching between apps on iOS 11. We have a fix and have submitted the updated App for review, the fix will be available ass soon as the App is approved.

    Regarding Parametric EQ, we have thought about it and the DSP supports it but we do not have plans of implementing it for now.
  15. SoundSquare
    I use mine with a X7 mk2 and it powers them just well. I even prefer it to the cypher on my iPhone 7. I'll get a balanced cable pretty soon, can't wait to hear them balanced on the X7 mk2.
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