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Audeze mobius?

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    If these sound anything like the Sine I think you’ll be impressed. Unfortunately I agree with you after spending more time with the EL-8. Absolutely gorgeous though, and definitely no slouch in the price range it’s at currently.
    I’m not even sure that these are intended primarily for music yet, but if they can manage to release a wireless headphone that sounds as good or better than the Sine I will be an early adopter.
  4. Computer Lounge
    I'm beyond excited for the launch, if Audeze pull this off it could be a real game changer :L3000:

    // Alex
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  5. Beagle
    Looks like something I don't need. I'm all for it.
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  6. ToroFiestaSol
    Looks like a very smart move, my non informed, armchair theory is this will serve a clear purpose, which is a "non audiophile" target customer, better sound than the Bose/Skullcandy headphones in that market segment, then act as a gateway to their higher end models (ie, people coming from Skullcandy/Bose/etc buying this and thinking: "if this sounds so good at this price, how would the $$$ models sound like?").
  7. Taowolf51
    Very interested in learning what this is. Considering they're brave enough to call what seems to be a wireless closed headphone part of "the ultimate mastering suite", they must be throwing some great DSP at this. If so, really interested to see what they come up with. I think the cypher cable was a step in the right direction (the integrated DSP part, not the lightning only part).

    I'm looking for some new work headphones, was looking at Campfire's new cans but these might just fit the bill...if they don't screw up the comfort (or something else major).
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
  8. achristilaw Contributor
    Having two segments means they'll have the third, very top design at a later date?
  9. XERO1
  10. jagwap
    If they are planar then they will need larger batteries than most BT headphones. This will hopefully lead to an over ear design. I like my Sines, and they are only mildly uncomfortable on me, but many find them unbearable. OPPO PM-3 got this right.

    3D option is fine with me if it is fully defeatable. There are some good technologies in this area now, and movies could benefit occasionally. Also, if there is a wired option, make sure it is passive and sounds good in passive?

    Please Audeze: do not add a bass shelf filter like the cypher, unless it can be switched off. It ruins the cypher for me.
  11. davehutch
    That looks like a flexible microphone to me. Could it be a wireless gaming headset?
    gallery3.2 copy.jpg
  12. redogfizbal
    18B6A3DB-994B-40CA-8590-2536626C0AAC.png Look what I found,
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  13. redogfizbal
    2BA6665A-6701-40CE-9EC4-24D47CA33445.png More
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    “Revolutionary new High-End gaming headphone with head-tracking built-in along with Planar Magnetic drivers for ultimate realism. Includes 3D audio, 5.1 & 7.1 surround sound, Bluetooth with SONY LDAC high-Rez codec, USB-C, and Analog 3.5mm connections. This is the best-sounding headphone for high-end PC gamers, but it also works great for watching movies in surround sound, teleconferencing (even with SKYPE), and high-rez music. All the 3D and head-tracking processing is in the headphones, so there is no lag/latency to distract you. Mobius will improve your gameplay. You need to hear it to believe it.”

    Sorry Audeze, leaks abound with these. (Or maybe we were supposed to find them?)
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