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Audeze Mobius Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Mar 14, 2018.

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  1. mashuto
    This is just not true, at least for my pair. The hiss is very noticeable and is independent of volume level. And mine absolutely should be a fixed pair since I just got them at the end of last week. There is a very very clear difference between the headphones being on and off. That said, its not really noticeable when audio is playing. Though it is noticeable during quieter parts and when nothing is playing. If all pairs sound like mine, I find it hard to believe that others wouldnt be able to hear it.
  2. knowhatimean
    You are joking, right ??????? "Officially Established" ?????????? You mean to tell me that with all the High End headphones that you have/had you really aren't sure of your personal perceptions of aural changes that occur to your equipment after varying amounts of "play time" ?????? (To the point you have to ask others …… if you're imagining your personal perceptions?

    I have to ask...…why ??????? (& Here on Head Fi...…… You're searching for some "Clarity" ??????; That's definitely pretty funny)
  3. King CATalyst
    Ordered a pair directly from audeze months ago and still no shipping email. Luckily i found a used pair for $280 so when mine arrive they will be getting shipped right back for a full refund:ksc75smile:. Wish i could simply cancel my order but that's not an option.
  4. Chazzles
    Got a package from @Audeze today!!! Finally!!!
    And it's only the carrying case. What gives? Did you really have to blue ball me like this?
  5. mayorblurps
    Appreciate the feedback! Another poster here is also on Android Pie and hasn't been able to get USB C working w his Mobius either. Unfortunately the dev options are slightly different in 9.0, so the option to force USB audio isn't there anymore. (See image attached). I've used other non Google dongles that work perfectly fine as USB C audio inputs so I'm wondering if this is a software issue on the Mobius, how it pushes the audio via C to C. Note-- when I plug the headphones in, Android doesn't even recognize it as headphones, unlike using the dongle when I plug in and it picks up the audio immediately.

    I went through all of the developer options and searched for any other setting I might be missing before replying directly to Audeze about the issue. I'm afraid it is a problem with Pie/9.0 and the Mobius C connection since their P2XL on Oreo works fine.

    Will report back if I can get the Mobius to work via USB C on Pie. LDAC sounds great, but I really really got these for the USB C capability.
  6. foreverzer0
    I think you missed a question mark
    NickyNose likes this.
  7. sahmen
    Lol! Well at least you sound very amused, aren't you? So it seems my efforts to find some clarity here weren't wasted after all :)

    Yeah, I also enjoyed those question marks of @knowhatimean :)
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2018
  8. TheRealDoc
    Lol, I just received my parcel from Audeze in the US and it was the headphones case I ordered at the same time!

    Back to waiting for a SFC mail I guess!
  9. knowhatimean
    Ok......... But was it "Officially Established" that I did or didn't miss a question mark ? (You can never be too Emphatic in your use of Emphasis........ "Knowhatimean" ?)

    (The lesson here is don't change the Coffee that you've spent a few years "Burning In" ; Yea, it's a cheap cop out ,but I'll take it) (No Mobius appearance here yet , so I've been trying to figure out how to insert JRMC 24 into my playback system so that the output is going through my $3k DAC not that wanna be Realtek High Definition app on my Acer)
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2018
  10. Wildfang392
    Yeah I ordered back in May and still shuffling through my inbox and spam.
  11. ajreynol
    Can anyone advise on improving mic quality when using Bluetooth on Windows 10?

    After connecting it to my PC via BT, Windows only recognizes the "hands-free" option which defaults to 1-channel "tape recorder quality" and sounds awful. When connected via USB it has no issues, but part of my interest in buying the Mobius is in the wireless performance. Wireless audio is sounding fantastic, but surely there's a way to improve the mic quality...right?
  12. foreverzer0
    Have you found the quality improves over usb? I'm not having great quality regardless of connection, it seems the mic amp is the weak link and afterthought.
  13. Bizill
    I didn't try that "fix" posted above on my Axon 7 running Android 7.1 but my Essential phone is on Pie and on both phones the second I plug in the usbc-usbc both phones slow to a crawl and the phones become unstable. I've just been using LDAC so it doesn't matter to me right now, but there is something going on there that needs addressing.

    ETA: I have not yet tried to power cycle the Mobius whilst connected to either phone. Something I should try when I remember to. Perhaps some funky handshake thing going on....
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2018
  14. mayorblurps
    Mine too also slows to a crawl. Once connected, I've tried to enter the settings menu or one of my music apps (UAPP) and I start getting apps force-closing. Definitely something odd going on here, especially since I have no issues with non-OEM dongles (including the Hidizs sonata USB C to 3.5mm DAC) which makes me think this is a Mobius problem. I have a Mediapad M5 that uses USB C audio as well, but the dongle is simply analog/no DAC inside so completely different than the Pixels or Essential phone. Will check if Mobius will work with the m5.

    I've tried rebooting my phone w Mobius connected via C. The apps that recognize the USB audio input pop up, but I get no audio from the headphones at all, nor do I get the headphone icon on status bar. Bah.
  15. sebas388
    hi, have all the people of eeuu already received their tracking mails?
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