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Audeze Mobius Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Mar 14, 2018.

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  1. koover
    That would be sweet!
  2. RRod
    Ok, thanks for the response. I was asking specifically about the spectral (pinna/torso) components, so I'll cut out the relevant response. What's the form of these DSP presets? Do they simply apply EQ independent of azimuth/elevation, or is there some dynamism?

    It's good to have access to the API, but basically what you've described is all the work of getting the spectral component correct for a stationary head, so not sure what gain I see from it other than having a unified interface. Having a dozen-or-so sets of spectral filters to choose from would allow customization similar to what you can get from OpenAL applications currently.
  3. KMann
    HRTF models that include changes to the frequency spectrum, cross-feed with time delay and transient detection and simulation of reflections are all done dynamically based on both Azimuth and elevation. These HRTF models themselves are already personalized based on your head geometry. Yes the whole process is dynamic.

    Pinna, inner-ear shapes are far too personal to be easily measured and modeled and maintained, that was the reason I suggested in-ear microphones for measurements. Mobius does not use convolution based HRTFs that are readily available as libraries so they cannot be directly imported. The current implementation with personalization based on head geometry provides a tonally pleasing experience with good localization cues and an immersive experience easier to believe due to head-tracking. Though the HRTFs may not match to your own perfectly, the feed-back provided by head-tracking feature helps to fool the brain after a few minutes of use.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2018
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  4. RRod
    Yes, getting ITD/ILD and head-tracking in order goes much of the way towards obtaining azimuthal accuracy, which is most of the game for many applications. Will be interesting to see how well elevation gets recreated.
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  5. KMann
    I would also like to add that head-tracking improves elevation accuracy, too when elevation cues are not clear, we tilt our head to transform elevation cues to azimuth and IID and ITD work much better. Since Mobius use Pitch Yaw and Roll, it is very intuitive to capture elevation cues.
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  6. AlwaysForward
    But what will be the best mode with psychedelics??
  7. Ted23
    Thank you for the response and yes that is what I expected myself. I am hoping you guys could look at it and maybe optimize an EQ for it, I am not super knowledgeable on the 3D aspect of it and how or why it works but it definitely sounds exciting.
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  8. RRod
    If the stimulus is long enough for the tracking to be effective. For music most definitely, but in games where impulsive sounds are important, having the correct anatomical cues could make a difference. That's assuming an audio format that has some significant elevation information in the first place, which was a somewhat rare beast until Atmos made it cool. Glad a company like Audeze took up the cause of virtualization. The same-old-same-old argument about V-shaped signatures needed a shake up.
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  9. bliman-1
    I would like to know why consoles were not considered , especially if these are presented as game headphones?
    I would like to know why the consoles were not considered for movie use either?
    The reason I would like to know is that maybe there will be another version coming (or solution) but one that also works with the consoles, and it would be good to know that a solution is coming or they are thinking of another model that does this thing.
    It's such a huge market you discard with so much people using consoles and people looking at movie + what would be better, looking at a movie on a large screen or on a computer screen?
  10. Audeze
    The main reason is, this is our first product in a new market. It is far more advanced than any other gaming headphone. There are already tonnes of features. We want to be able to deliver this to customers and eventually build on top of it.
    To get them to work with consoles requires chipsets, licensing and royalty. With half the market being PC gaming, it was an easy first step to try it in the PC market first before consoles.
    Audeze Stay updated on Audeze at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/AudezeLLC https://twitter.com/audeze https://www.audeze.com/
  11. bliman-1
    Thank you very much for answering. And yeah you are probably correct.
    Sadly it was very close to the perfect headphone I wanted (especially if the sound is close to the LCD's).
    I wish the best for you all with the product and it is very nice to hear from Audeze itself;
    So great respect for that and again thanks.
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  12. idkk408
    It appears to be the Speedlink Estrado stand, but there are ton of similar stands that have USB + audio integrated in the base.
  13. groovyd
    my biggest issue with the sines besides them being on ear and therefore a bit uncomfortable after hours on a plane which is why I bought them for travel is that the ear cups backing is leather which is really too easy to get scratched up on the go. These look less prone to that sort of delicate damage and being over ears should not only block noise better but remain comfortable after hours long flights. battery life is a big concern as well as comparative sound quality with the Sines.
  14. Longsama
    I respect that position and thank you for responding directly. Does that licensing issue still hold true even if it operates via an optical to USB-C or HDMI signal splitter? Ignoring the console argument I think many of us are just looking for a simple home theater option. As a person who plans to purchase very soon I think I'd just like to know if I should expect to buy an accessory down the road or the next headphone in the series.
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  15. groovyd
    Ok, you guys win... put my pre-order in for copper though I would have preferred silver or stainless :L3000:
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