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Audeze Mobius Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Mar 14, 2018.

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  1. Saljon
    Don't have a link for the quote but it was answered at least twice by Audeze or KMann. It's definitaly something they want at a later date.
  2. RamSpencer
    I don't remember them saying additional user EQ profiles in an update (which would be cool), but I did see Audeze mention an additional EQ like the Android cipher app added in an update.
  3. knowhatimean
    He,he,he....... I'm a bit puzzled here ! Who do we consider "Normal" people ? & if we're spending any amount of time (& with over 3.5k thread count responses, you certainly have to discount yourself from that group)

    It's not so much what we've learned as much as assuming that the Reviewer is talking from an "Everyman" (Que up the Jackson Browne recording). I don't know about you, but I can't honestly say that even some of the Reviewers I normally agree with are always on the "Same Page" that I am ! There are just Too many variables at play !

    Have you ever heard the saying " It is what it is ", don't put too much faith in that unless you put "for you" on the end of that saying ! Life experiences teach us to be Subjective about anything we hear or read (At least it should).
  4. pietcux
    I certainly don't consider myself as being normal regarding headphones. I lost that on joining HeadFi long ago.
  5. knowhatimean
    My whole point was that there really isn't any "Normal" when it comes to whatever level of equipment we "have" to use to enjoy whatever personal hobbies we enjoy ! I

    (I still remember how hilarious a few family members found it, some years ago , when I mentioned I had a Record Collection of several hundred LPs some years back; They didn't believe me when I tried to tell them that some collectors had collections numbering in the thousands ) ( "Normal ??.... We don't need no stinking Normal !!!")
    RamSpencer likes this.
  6. Mani ATH 87
    You guys are certainly riled up over a single non audiophile review :lol
  7. Dobrescu George
    I think it is more a matter of, most people wanted to know more about the audio aspects of Mobious, not the overall aspect of them. It is easy to find information about anything, but most people are probaly most curious about info on their sound.
  8. koc
    Please help me to cancel my order, it's not shipped yet.
    In the audese website there is no bottom to cancel my order!
    I just have denon 7100 which I enjoyed, and i don't think the mobiue will be any better.
  9. AlwaysForward
    Email them: support@audeze.com

    PS: There's probably a good chance that, if you haven't heard planar drivers from Audeze, they may blow your mind wide open with their sound quality. Dennon's dynamics are nice but planar is next level.
  10. misteral201103
    I don't know your financial situation but honestly, at this point, I think you're better off taking delivery of them and then selling. Pretty confident you'll make a profit.
  11. Saoshyant
    Just remember Head-Fi is pretty anti-flipping
  12. RamSpencer
    You would have had to do that before the indiegogo campaign ended. Not sure why you're upset. You'll either have an amazing pair of headphones that are very different. Or you can sell them at a profit. You may very likely prefer selling the Dennons if you really have to sell one of them.
  13. phase0
    Well I really like my Denon D5K on a good amp (V281), it becomes a whole other level. Compared to the LCD-XC I used to have, I would keep the XC over the Denon, not really a contest. But I was surprised at how well my Denons scaled. They're not bad HPs by any means and I know that's not what anyone is saying. The ppl who have heard the Mobius say they're amazing so it will be interesting to hear comparisons/opinions once they're finally in people's hands.
    RamSpencer likes this.
  14. koc
    Well i have had LCD-XC before, and i know its amazing cans, but i sold it because it's too heavy.
    In the other hand Denon its really fun to listen and bassy headphone which i really enjoyed for PC gaming.
    But if the mobius have the driver of LCD-XC, then it will be amazing headphone, beside the 3D feature.
    We’re well past the cancellation period, and I think that would be a mistake anyway since we all got such a great deal.

    It has a brand new driver but it was tuned with the LCD-X in mind.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2018
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