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Audeze Mobius Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Mar 14, 2018.

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  1. clerkpalmer
    Nothing wrong with being bummed that the product is late. I too am bummed. At my job, if I deliver something late, it's my responsibility and whether or not the reasons are beyond my control, it's still late and I am still held accountable. This is not an Audeze only thing but wouldn't it be amazing if someone actually delivered a product EARLY for once. Instead, manufacturers over promise and we all just accept delays as part of the process. Perhaps Audeze should have accounted for unexpected delays up front. Of course, that might cost sales since less people would have been willing to buy if the initial ship date was August. Again, not damning Audeze specifically here as this is common practice in the tech world nowadays (Apple, can you hear me?). I have been burned by crowdfunding several times and only jumped into this because I trusted Audeze to deliver. That said, I expected to have my headphones by now and it's perfectly fine for people to be disappointed/bummed and frustrated that they are late. A little more communication would help as well.
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  2. OldDarth
    I always add a buffer to any project. Unforeseen things always happen - often beyond the control of the project. In the IT world when scoping out a project we went by the 5 +/- 2 rule. So a project that is scoped out to be done in 5 months sometimes can be done in 3 but more often than not, takes 7 months. I'm hoping to receive my headset in August but expect it to be September.
  3. kenshinesca
    I think they've communicated when they will be shipping the headphones just fine. Top of the leaderboard and set the meta have the first priority and they said they will ship early July that only accounts for 150 headphones. The rest of us unfortunately will probably have to wait till end of July.
  4. ipodlover77
    Selling my headset way too early IS my fault. I'm not mad at them, new products can experience delays in manufacturing plus they're selling cool tech. at a great price. At the same time that doesn't mean I can't be bummed that delays occurred and that I'm probably receiving my headset in August even though it was said to be for sure shipped out by late June.
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  5. AlwaysForward
    Just think of the delay vs expectations as the price we pay for the price we paid
  6. Saoshyant
    I really feel I should remind people, never count on a crowd funded purchase to go 100% smoothly. It doesn't matter who'd running it, there will always be little hiccups along the way that hold things up. So... don't even consider a release day until they actually get shipped. That way you don't start feeling all disappointed, annoyed, etc about the delays that will occur.
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  7. JazzJackRabbit
    It's not even about crowdfunding. By the time IndieGoGo went live most of the design was done and I bet they were already producing drivers for it as well as setting up assembly line in China. The delays are not because it was crowdfunded, but because we essentially pre-ordered product that was still in production. I was disappointed that I did not receive my Mobius before my vacation last week, but hopefully it'll be here by my next vacation in early August :D
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  8. pietcux
    It is summer, go out and have some fun with family and friends. You should have it for Christmas for sure.
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  9. RamSpencer
    I would mention that we we're warned that delays we're a definite possibility. The proposed schedule was obviously based on calculations based partially on information provided by new manufacturing partners and international shipping communication with 3rd parties. For example, there is a lot in flux with the U.S.'s new administration's estranging new trade war with China right now. Audeze doesn't have any previous experience having manufacturing done in a third party manufacturing facility out of China.

    Communication could be slightly more comprehensive ideally. It would be interesting to follow the whole process with more blow by blow accounts of the minor setbacks and forward movement of the whole project, if that we're possible. I think it might feel a bit like watching the tracking information as a package travels through checkpoints to you.....or the commentators dialog building up before a big game. It would provide a sense of forward momentum building a feeling of excitement of what's to come. It would also give frustrated buyers a sense of empathy and understanding to build more camaraderie with Audeze, so customers and Audeze share the frustration together, instead of pointing their frustrations at Audeze. The impatience is actually really a compliment to the excitement of the potential of the Mobius. The communication has definitely been adequate, though. It's generally been excellent through the course of the Indiegogo campaign.

    I'm feeling very confident that when it arrives, the Mobius is going to be amazing...

    @Audeze @KMann
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2018
    The hype is the second funnest part of a product launch though...
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  11. RamSpencer
    Second funniest....SO what's the funniest part, then? :wink:
    Unboxing the product :L3000:
  13. RamSpencer
    Hmmmmm.....did you mean to say funniest? ....or did you mean funnest!? :)

    Am I seeing things? really thought you had said "funniest"! :D
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2018
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  14. Swiftstickler
    So I have been a following this thread for a while now. Not as far back as when it first started but for a bit now (longer than my joining of this website would lead you to believe). I got in on the Ride the Wave tier. I have learned so much following this forum. I am not an audiophile but when I came across these headphones, on a website I frequent from time to time, I just knew I had to have them. After doing some research on who Audeze is and what kind of products they provided I was sold, plus I missed the $250 tier during that research so I was even quicker to hop on the hype train then :L3000:. Now I have never backed anything early before. Unless you count early access games on steam but I have already came to peace with how those end up haha (no not star citizen either but many others). So upon backing these and after reading other things about 'early backer' stuff I immediately set my timeline for these for around September (in time for my B-day!!) instead of the June-July timeline we initially got. I hope I am wrong. I really do but we shall see. I only say this because it seems some folks 'grapes' are starting to sour. With the supposed lack of updates and all. I just wanted to give a big "Thank You!!" to all the folks on this forum. For keeping me sane, at the very least, during this entire process. your suggestions and knowledge throughout the whole thread has been enlightening. You folks have given me so much to google and keep me occupied! lol. Anyways I need to roll on before I start rambling. Go Team Copper! and @Audeze keep up the good work and don't be deterred by any of the negativity surrounding the launch window. Unforeseen stuff happens all the time.
  15. RamSpencer
    It's good you did that for expectations, but you'll probably get them by August! And both a blessing and a curse.....after you've had these for a while, you'll probably become an "audiophile". You'll probably be spoiled to anything mediocre.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2018
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