Audeze Mobius Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Mar 14, 2018.

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  1. tinydog
    Build a home theater PC. They're so much more capable than media devices such as Smart TV, Roku, PS4, etc.

    I'm not sure about the cable length though. Being tethered 6 or even 10 feet from a big screen TV would be awkward.
  2. PopZeus
    More importantly, copy protection prevents 5.1 and 7.1 from being transmitted over anything besides HDMI on most devices, so this would never work with a movie even if you want it to. PC is a slightly different story.
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  3. HirschiAUT
    My solution for Movies on TV will simply be a Laptop besides me on the sofa :p

    HDMI to TV, USB to Mobius, done...
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  4. AlwaysForward
    Raspberry Pi receiver build could work for those technical enough and want a project.
  5. AlexRv
    Yesterday I was searching for soundbars with Dolby Atmos and found a new soundbar from Sony that has LDAP bluetooth transmitter to use it with Sony headphones. I hope that it will work also with Mobius.
    I think that new Sony recievers with bluetooth will also have feature to transmit LDAP.
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  6. RPGWiZaRD
    It's just too bad there isn't any cheap option like a small BT transmitter you plug in by AUX or optical SPDIF for example. Sony isn't the kind of company either to release such product but will only incorporate to their products that costs several hundreds.

    There is already a reciever with BT connectivity LDAC support but it's huge and pretty expensive.
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  7. HipHopScribe
    What model is it?
  8. RamSpencer
    Use your TV as a computer monitor. You don't need a dac. It's built into Mobius. Or did you just mean through USB cable? Xbox doesn't have a straightforward solution for multi-channel through Mobius.
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  9. RamSpencer
    Why would it be awkward? That's how you would get multi-channel surround...... Have play in your cord and it disappears. Pro headphones have cords. You don't really notice them. Portable is different because you're moving a lot. At some point surround wireless will emerge as a standard. We're just not really there yet.
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  10. AlexRv
    It’s HT-Z9F
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    Oddly enough, blue is looking better than copper in recent photos imo. Still sticking with team copper but I think team blue will also be happy with their choice.
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    I wonder what it would take for Microsoft to offer 5.1/7.1 USB output. In all honesty as far as I could find the controller outputs uncompressed stereo via 3.5mm so that may be more practical for a HT.

    Next-generation Xbox is coming in about two years though, maybe we can petition Microsoft to include surround output via controller or even a wireless protocol. I suspect if Mobius’s technology catches on (this is the first time I’ve seen 5.1/7.1 in headphones as more than a gimmick, and expect to be impressed by what Mobius does with a surround mix) then in a few years time we’ll have plenty of options for outputting surround sound to headphones/wireless setups. It doesn’t seem far-fetched since Microsoft offers virtual simulated surround sound via 3.5mm, which is of course unnecessary with Mobius’s superior processing.
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  13. RamSpencer
    It might work alright using x-box's virtual surround, and dialing Mobius's 2 channel virtual room down to zero..... Then playing with the ambsionics to try and dial in surround placement. People can experiment at least. Maybe it will be surprisingly decent.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
  14. knowhatimean
    I'm not sure (& Audeze could at least explain things a bit more clearly) but the Mobius sounds to be different in that it (& this is the information I'm not clear about what's been said so far) is capable of doing the DSP processing right inside the headphone itself.

    In other words
    Don't know if anyone else has asked....... but, "Hey Audeze, How about a little clarity on what the options are for using the Mobius in a Non Gaming / Non HTPC / PC , TV / Projector based HT System ? " As hard as it may be to believe some of us just aren't interested in Gaming or "Netfix binging" on a Laptop or Tablet as that's why we went out & bought larger 4K display devices.

    A LITTLE HELP PLEASE !!!! (That doesn't sound like begging, Does it ??)
  15. RamSpencer
    USB cable for anything more than stereo. IPhone has some technical issues right now with the lightening cable camera adapter that will hopefully be ironed out. USB will work for all capabilites with pc, mac and almost any Android phone.

    All of the dsp is internal and the Mobius has a built in balanced amp and DAC. It's a lot of info but it's not rocket science and if you read all the information carefully it's all in there.
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