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Audeze Mobius review / impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Heavyboxer, Aug 31, 2018.
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  1. Trancefreak
    New developement with my Mobius.

    So err, after the flaking, the cushion deforming and the cracking of the yoke which rendered my previous Mobius unusable, I succesfully RMA'd the headset for a new one.
    Alas, now it ( or windows! ) refuses to let me switch modes. Using Win10

    So here goes:
    - Restarted both Pc and headset several times.
    - Updates the HQ app and firmware to the very lastest.
    - This morning I used High Res mode.
    - This evening it changes it out, yet windows won't follow up on it.
    - Windows Hardware manager DOES see the change, yet no sound except in High Res mode.
    - The input of Fooba2000 is stuck on High Res as well. I believe so is FireFox.

    Halp? :)
  2. Deders
    I have to unplug the Mobius and plug it back in after changing modes so windows can set it up as a new/different audio device.
  3. Swiftstickler
    So I never use my mobius for anything other than wired pc gaming. I recently picked up Dragon Quest XI for my Nintendo Switch. This version of the game comes with the orchestral versions of all the music. I figured I may as well plug the ol' Mobius in and and slap some hi res on it (keeping on the flat setting). And OMG it is so damn good. You can hear every thing. Can pick apart all the sounds. It's fantastic. If you have a means of checking out the orchestral soundtrack for DQXI DO IT!!.
  4. Trancefreak
    Tried, no workie.

    It's weird because it just started doing so. Nothing changed on the PC / mobius
  5. lucellent
    Don't know if this was reported or not, but for some reasons, after updating my firmware about a week later my sound is much quieter when using the USB C-USB A cable with my laptop.
    Previously, I would be more than satisfied with about 20-30% of the volume but now it requires me to crank it up all the way to 100% and I don't know if I'm being delusional, but the sound itself is slightly different. Maybe a little bit muffled and has a weird reverb effect, but I may be lying to myself. And all of this with the Default/Flat mode enabled and 3D Audio DISABLED. Also, 7.1 audio channel.

    Anyway. Does anyone else experience this and how can I possibly fix it?

    Audeze HQ App: 1.2.1
    USB FW: 102
    MCU FW: 1.71
    DSP FW: 25
  6. Trancefreak

    Sounds a bit like you're listening to the back channels. I had the exact same symptoms when powering the Mobius on when it's flat on the desk without re-centering.
    I know it doesn't help much because you don't use the 3D effect, but it mihgt hint to something?
  7. lucellent
    I think you're right. You know what's not a coincidence? I had to also crank up my volume when I used the 3D effect before the update. So this leads me to believe even after I turn off the 3D, it doesn't actually turn off.
    I just tried the Hi-Res mode and my volume levels were as normal (again 20-30% for me). So maybe this update glitched something and makes me listen to some of the 7.1 channels all the time, instead of 2.1.
    I hope this was clear.
  8. dubbzy104
    Random question about updating the firmware: Right now, my mobius is connected via the usb-A to C cable to a usb port on the front of my case. Audeze's instructions for updating the firmware say that you should use a USB port as close as possible to your motherboard. Unfortunately, all the rear USB-A ports are in use. Would it be better to update via the USB-A port in the front which I currently use, or connect via USB-C to the back? I'm worried Windows might not recognized the old device on a new port/connection type.
  9. H8ff0000
    Personally I wouldn't update the FW right now, seen too many people having issues. Doesn't seem worth the risk of it acting flaky after. Anyone else feel this way?
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  10. Swiftstickler
    I haven't had many problems updating (have had mine in hand since 9/1/2018 and have updated with every released firmware). Downloaded and installed the firmware they took down with one problem. It blue screened my pc the first time, worked the second time. Then my headset broke. Got a new one a few weeks later and updated it with the rereleased firmware without any problems. But your mileage may vary.
    dubbzy104 likes this.
    After my brother did his windows update. The 7.1 channel is lower in gain and doesn’t work as it used to. But, everything else works fine. @Audeze
  12. Deders
    I've got to say I really like the sound with the new update, I'm now using the default EQ and it sounds much more natural. I no longer have to use a Cayin C5 headphone amp to get rid of unwanted frequencies.

    Great job thanks.
  13. KaiSc
    Firmware V5 fixes L/R channel differences in the frequency response.
    This leads to more bass, darker sound, in all presets.
    To avoid digital clipping overall level was reduced by about 3dB.

    Here are my reports and detailed measurents of Fw V5.

  14. Trancefreak

    Really need help here.
    So, plugging out and in the USB cable doe as well as switching modes ( 7.1, stereo and hi-res ) does get detected by 'Hardware Manager', but not by Windows sound configuration.
    Right now I HAVE to have the mode stuck to Hi-Res or I have no sound at all. Last I switched was listening to Foobar200 with the Wasapi (shared) driver.
    Foobar locks up whenever I try and play a song right now, as well.

    Please help, how can I re-set these settings?
  15. Deders
    I think Foobar needs to convert everything to 96khz if you are using WASAPI. Akaik Mobius doesn't recognise any other sampling rate than the one it runs at if you are bitstreaming.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2019
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