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Audeze Mobius review / impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Heavyboxer, Aug 31, 2018.
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  1. GalaxyMaster
    I just tried it and I cannot hear a single difference between Stereo and 7.1 modes with 3D off. This was tested with music and with stereo pink noise. Are you certain you have the room emulation working with 3D off in 7.1 mode? Are you on a beta firmware or the public v3 release? When I was on v3 I don't remember 3D off being any different from what it is now. If you are on a beta v3 firmware that could explain it. They had a "3D On" mode (no headtracking) while the public one did not due to stability issues. It could be that your "3D Off" got switched with the "3D On" mode and that's what you're hearing.
  2. GalaxyMaster
    Maybe you have a faulty unit because I can swing my head around as much and as fast as I like and I never get any issues. I never have, on any firmware. If simply moving your head to the side and back throws off the tracking something is wrong.
  3. Deodus
    Maybe it is a beta v3, I don't know, headtracking has always been problematic as soon as I'm moving my head fast, when on the desktop (where I don't go left-right-center in less than a second) I'm only having minimal and negligible loss. When playing any type of space/plane/car sim where I have to be constantly checking everywhere that's when the headtracking just goes completely off after a few seconds in a tense situation/dogfight. There are a few posts on reddit raising awareness of this issue, but then again moving any type of gyro really fast creates the same issue, most softwares only use acceleration as a measure so when you're moving too fast it will drift in the opposite direction (because it needs to stabilize)
  4. GalaxyMaster
    After trying for a bit I can get it to lose track but only if I turn my head way faster than I would in any normal situation. I actually had to hold it to my head otherwise it would fly off. If you're really moving your head that fast I don't think there's anything that can be done about that. Just try to move your head slower I guess. If it happens quite easily it might just be a defective unit. For me it takes some serious effort to get it to lose track.
  5. Swiftstickler
    So I left my headset plugged in last night like usual. Before I turned it on, upon getting home this evening, I unplugged it and let it connect to my phone via Bluetooth to check the battery. Now, while it turned on it was only at 10% battery life. So there is definitely discharge even with the latest firmware. Not sure why it decided to stop at 10% or if I caught it just before it was about to finish discharging.
  6. DaOchin
    I always get erroneous battery readings over bluetooth even when it's 100%charged. I think they said the new firmware would address that iirc.
  7. Swiftstickler
    Yeah that seems to be true. Honestly I don't think I have ever seen my Mobius at 100% not even while on the cord looking at the app. Even now it only says 80%.
  8. DaOchin
    If I've left it plugged in and powered off I just assume it's full.
  9. Avarice
    Thanks for posting your findings. It is a little weird that the headset's battery discharges when left plugged in and turned off. Though I think I remember Kmann or another user explaining why the battery discharges last year via the forums. Hopefully it can fixed at some point!
  10. DaOchin
    I've never had it discharge when it's powered off only if it's left powered on.
    One day I’ll have to give a LCD series a try as well...
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
  12. exzacklyright
    IDK my sound is usually LOW every time... and i have to unplug the usb and plug it back then... seems to change a lot!
  13. Trancefreak
    Just here to give a headsup to the problems I was having.
    The finnish started flaking after a year ( I had the indigogo pre-order model, shipped to Belgium, EU just about a year ago ).
    Both sides of the adjustment system on the headband cracked, one side severely, resulting in a very bad seal and soundquality loss.

    Results in a RMA to Cali, which cost me €85 by registered B-post shipping. Not Audeze's fault, really, but you can imagine I wasn't too happy about that.

    A week later, I was granted a replacement Copper unit which arrived a few days ago ( 2-3 weeks after I RMA'd ). It is definately a replacement since the S/N is different.

    Having used my Xonar STX with Beyer MMX300 for 3 weeks I have to say I missed the Mobius a lot. I'm happy with that.
    Accoring to the HQ app, it came with GD32 FW v 1.71. Got no clue is that is the most recent, since the firmware website has been down since I got the replacement unit.
    It also didn't come with the mic pop filter ( I had thought they'd include that by now ).
    Can I, by chance, check the hardware version? Just for info, I'll not demand the most recent HW version :).

    Shall probbaly go for the ICE ear cushions as well. It does get hot.
  14. arielext
    USB: 102
    MCU: 1.71
    DSP: 25
    (this is the retracted v5 firmware)
  15. froes
    Does the Mobius work with an Android smartphone playin a 5.1 channel flac file connected by USB cable?
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