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Audeze Mobius review / impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Heavyboxer, Aug 31, 2018.
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  1. OldDarth
    I'm around 12 in Windows. Occasionally I'll up it into the 20s but above that I find it too loud. I've become sensitive to ringing in my ears if I play headphones too loud so now I err on the side of caution.
  2. Bojamijams
    Usually about 24 in windows. However games are never at 100% ingame so I guess even quieter in game, otherwise too loud. Gotta protect the hearing
  3. Zeeke
    Wow I run mine at like 65% but like said above I turn down game music from like 8 to 2-3.
  4. Avarice
    I'm always at 30% in Windows when in 7.1 channel, and 28% when in Hi-Res. Keep most of my game master volumes at their defaults.
  5. GalaxyMaster
    I listen at 6-8% volume going up to 12% at the very most. I'm pretty sure 12% is already in the long-term hearing damage range. I have no idea how you guys can stand such high volumes, I already find 10% to be quite loud. Either you all have hearing loss or I'm just really sensitive to loud sounds. For reference I mostly listen to music on spotify with normalization on (averages -14 dB LUFS and generally goes up to -8 dB) with 3D mode set to manual at all times.
  6. dubbzy104
    On what device? On Windows 10 via USB 3.0, I have the volume around 20%, and I've occasionally had to lower player-specific volume by 10-20%, depending on loudness (the "joys" of listening to live recordings). On my phone via AAC bluetooth, the volume is around 35-45%.
  7. GalaxyMaster
    Windows 10 via USB. I have also noticed that the volume scaling works differently via Bluetooth, both on Windows and Android. IIRC 8% on Windows (via USB) is about 36 dB lower than max volume, with each doubling of percentage (e.g. 16%, 32%) increasing the volume by about 10 dB.
  8. KaiSc
    With whatever system I'm using it, the level is slightly above that of normal conversational speech.

    I just took some measurements with a calibrated Sound Level Meter:
    A typical level is (measured at louder passage):
    Leq: 58 dB LIN
    Max Peak: 75 dB SPL linear
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
  9. emba4
    if im listening to music im generally running it at about 80% but i do tend to err on the side of loud.

    on another note can we talk about USBAudioPlayer Pro (android app) i used it years ago when i was trying to find something that would work with my HRT microstreamer, when my mobius went down i installed it for a quality boost on my wired phones.

    in the past id tried some other apps to tweak the sound on android for the mobius, namely vipers audio, which made absolutely zero effect no matter how you change the settings, soi wasnt really expecting much when i plugged the new mobius in, i was wrong, not only does USBaudiplayer Pro recognize the mobius it actually makes them sound better (certainly to both my and a few of y friends ears)

    is anyone else using this app and have similar results?
  10. KaiSc
    One has to be very careful not to confuse increased level with better sound.

    If there are no flaws within Android's signal transfer, as long as the files are unchanged, the player software does not make any difference in the digital domain.
    At least with the standard 44.1kHz/16bit format that 99% of all music is distributed in, a 1:1 transfer to Mobius USB input is all that's needed.
    There is no way to "improve" this, except if you like to change the files using effects like equalizers or such - a matter of taste.

    A warning: if you're listening to your music at 80% vol. level over extended periods of time you eat up your hearing ability.
    Sooner or later you will become deaf for sure!
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
    GalaxyMaster likes this.
  11. arielext
    Windows 10 via USB: normally ~ 8 surely nowhere near anything higher than 12
    It reminds me of the Dragonfly black I use at the office. Directly it's max 4 mostly at 2 so I use equalizer APO to give it a -30db pre-amp.
    I read somewhere that windows will always asume the device is a set of speakers instead of headphones. I expected that mobius whould be different in this case, but no.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
  12. MateuszW
    (I already posted this in review/preview but I'm confused due to two topics. I don't intend to spam)

    Do you know if it is somehow possible to set up Elite: Dangerous to make use of Mobius head tracking, not only for sound but for head movement? The game makes heavy use of moving your head around your spaceship to access menus and it would be extremally cool to sync it with Mobius as I don't have VR headset.
    If it would involve some 3rd party app, even paid that's not a problem.

    If that's not possible I think it could be a fantastic addition in possible future updates as it's pretty common in many simulators.
  13. Swiftstickler
    That sounds like something the game devs would probably have to implement into the game. Would be a nice option for those that don't have VR for sure.

    Maybe you could map a controller stick rotation (though I have been using the steam controller with VR) to the head specific axis though. I never thought about that personally since I have a VR headset already. I'll have to play around with it when I get home.
  14. Bojamijams
    I think they're planning on doing that. Basically they need to pass analog values from the XYZ rotation as an HID Axis. They're half way there with using the keybind function that they have now. I believe the rep also said it's planned in the future, but no ETA
  15. DeadOfKnight
    Sorry if this has already been answered, but is this just a USB headset? I'm not spending that kind of money if there's no way to use it in analog.
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