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Audeze Mobius review / impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Heavyboxer, Aug 31, 2018.
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  1. Fegefeuer
    I haven't touched the LCD-2C in days after the warm preset. Sure the Mobius is technically and soundwise inferior to a revealed LCD-2C but the 2.0 with 3D manual mode is so fun and addicting while writing stuff for work. I simply stopped caring and just fire up Spotify after supper and dive into an immersive soundfield while letting my thoughts flow
    writing them down.

    Haven't even touched games since then.
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  2. GodsInHisHeaven
    I really adore my Mobius at the moment.

    They are technically way better than I expected as some people here talked them down.

    Had to boost the bass a little to my and toned down a perceived frequency spike at 15.500 kHz though.

    Does the Audeze HQ application for Windows automatically update? Did not find a function for that in the application and I hate to check online for new versions.
  3. sengin
    I mean, that's the thing though. I don't want to message the company that is trying to sell me this. But that's a few topics I can look up.
  4. Fegefeuer
    USB Audio does not have error correction. It can't resend audio packages like a simple data transfer to the printer or a usb stick is able to. The receiver is totally dependant on the source and if that source is high noise, shitty, shared by mice and other devices then there's a good chance of pollution that is carried over. In any way those errors are converted into the waveform aka you're listening to it.

    That's why it's good to have a dedicated usb controller for your audio stuff, at least a controller that doesn't share resources with other devices. Still something like the WYRD can help clearing up noise. The Regen adds galvanic isolation on top and thus is more effective at cutting off electrical noise on the 5V line of the USB.
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  5. KMann
    There is a forum for that, head over to here. Skepticism is generally good for the wallet, but not everything is snake oil. When it comes to digital conditioning, some of it is backed by solid science, some by empirical evidence. But if you can hear a positive difference, the rest does not really matter.
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  6. lucidpretender
    You have no idea what you're talking about. An extremely insignificant percentage of games have an HRTF mode. The headphone preset you mind is most games has nothing to do with it using an HRTF. It's just an equalizer preset

    I've used most HRTFs through either an Aureal or Creative sound card, along with dedicated Dolby Headphones devices, and through the HeSuVi EqualizerAPO application.
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  7. Fegefeuer

    very few headphones offer such a mode. From recent games I only remember Resident Evil 7, Hellblade, Monster Hunter World, Sony's "platinum headset only" (dumb idea) versions for Uncharted, Horizon which you can bypass with listening over the PSVR's headphone output while it's active.
    All other headphone modes are mostly nothing but a widened stereo image. It's made for the friends of HARDPANNING DEDICATED STEREO GAMING who wear Tek Syndicate T-shirts on a Friday Night.
  8. Zenvota
    So not wanting to butcher the stock pads, and since the blue plastic mounting ring acts as a baffle, I tried making something quick to see if it would improve the sound with aftermarket pads.

    20181008_154130.jpg 20181008_154212.jpg 20181008_154221.jpg

    I cut out a platic ring from a cd case and made a ring of felt to go underneath the plastic ring and another between the plastic ring andthe pads. This improved the sound of the brainwavz pads immensely, which was not great before, the velour pads had smeared treble detail and the pleather pads had loose tubby bass. Treble on the velour pads was now very full and detailed, and the 3d front sound stage pushed foward quite a bit. Theres to much sound leakage for my purposes though.

    Bass was now nice and tight with the pleather pads and while the stage wasn't quite as large as the velour pads it was still bigger than stock.

    Comfortable though, I tried adding a seatbelt shoulder pad to the headband and that was comfier too.

    20181008_155358.jpg 20181008_155418.jpg 20181008_155415.jpg

    Ill try using them like this for a bit and see if anything else stands out.
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  9. Zenvota
    I spent a little more time with the equalizer and simplified to using the Music preset with this:
    Screenshot_20181008-173326_USB Audio Player PRO.jpg

    Maybe a little more off the treble and a little sub bass boost if the material calls for it.
    Screenshot_20181008-182820_USB Audio Player PRO.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2018
  10. sengin
    Do you mean 'noise' as the same as analog noise? I can't see how noise would affect audio that much. I mean, so it's a 0 or 1. If the voltage is below 0.5, it's interpreted as a 0. Otherwise, a 1 (note: simplification). If the voltage varied so much that 0s were becoming 1s and vice versa, that's insane (to me) and you would start hearing what's effectively white noise (provided it was random on which bits flipped). But in any case, I found UpTone's white paper on it and thanks to Kmann some more resources, so I'll be taking a look. It's not that I don't want to believe, it's just that it sounds a bit far-fetched to me, knowing what I currently know (and perhaps, not knowing what I don't know).
  11. Zenvota
    Every time you say bits are bits there is an audio engineer somewhere that falls down dead. Clap, Peter!
  12. sengin
    I mean, in my field, bits are indeed bits :). But rest assured, I'm poking around and just found
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2018
  13. Ted23
    Is the new update available for everyone?
  14. Drivenby
    I've had the same experience

    Except I don't own an lcd2 lol

    Since I got the update and started to listen in warm preq, it's gotten super addictive for me.

    Like I'm actively trying to listen to music at most times I'm at home (I work like 12-14hr a day ) and awake

    I was even trying to sneak my mobius too work today but it is not a discrete headset....

    I just love how it sounds in warm.

    I liked how default sounds but I don't think I prefer it over my akg7xx... Warm is another story though. It just brings life to music after listening with critical/ neutral headphones since forever (had a sennheiser before)
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  15. thedoo
    After testing the beta mic firmware, it does boost the volume and makes the microphone more acceptable, although I still find it fairly quiet. I still boost it another +10db with EqualizerAPO. I've noticed it still has a very aggressive noise cancelling/noise gate though. When not talking it is absolutely silent, but it seems to cut off words at the beginning or end of sentences pretty frequently.
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