Audeze LCD2 Bamboo impressions
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Mar 15, 2010
Hello guys,

I remember the day I wrote my first question on this forum. The first response contained "Welcome and sorry for your wallet."

I did not understand for the moment what that was supposed to mean. The question was about what headphone amplifier I should get. I was thinking on a no more than 200EUR budget. Well needless to say, in a few days I bought a Corda Cantate 2 with over 400 EUR.
And begun. After getting an amplifier i considered my hd595 weren't in my cantates' league. I begun the search for new headphones. And so I met DarKu who offered me a deal i could not refuse : HD650 with Zu Mobius Cable.
Then i bought a Xonar Essence ST, then a Grado Rs2i, a Burson HA-160DS, a PS Audio Duet Power Conditioner, power cables, wireworld starlight usb cable, etc

Darku was the first true audiofile I met. He had years of experience with a lot of headphones and headphones audio gear.
We became friends and he guided me from that point on to my audio nirvana .

I loved my HD650 + Zu Mobius Cable+Burson ha-160ds combo.

Because of and , i had some oppurtunities to hear a lot of refference class headphones, but none impressed me so much as to give away the HD650. Many headphones were better in many aspects, but the overall sound signature did not appeal to me. I was pretty sure, that if i buy other headphones, i will surely keep the HD650.
Meantime Darku got an LCD2 to pair with his HD800 and Burson HA-160D.

He had the courtesy to loan me both headphones for a week.

The LCD2 blew me away. The mids were so lush and full, the bass so well defined and tight, the highs were warm. I fell in love. I could not get them off my head. It was 3 am. I was very tired. I was saying to myself "one more more song". I fell asleep on my chair in front of the computer with the headphones on the head, listening to music.
No other headphones achieved that level of performance with my ears.
After a few days with lcd2, when i put the hd650 on my head, they sounded like a toy :)) .
Before "meeting" the lcd2 i always thought that when i upgrade my hd650 to a better pair, i was absolutely sure i would keep the hd650. The lcd-2 was the only pair of headphones that made me sell them and not look back.

LCD-2 brought life to music. I listened to some Nightwish songs that i did not recognize from the sound. It was like they were different songs.

The classical music made me feel on the stage, each instrument teasing me and vibrating into my skin giving me goose bumps.

From that point on, my mind was set on these headphones.

The next week DarKu lent me the HD800. Those headphones were very impressive too. They have an incredible level of detail, sound-stage and airiness. They were so fast, i could feel my ears moving from the air displaced :))
But i could not listen to all my music with pleasure. The emotion was not there as it was with LCD-2. Nightwish and other rock type sounded terrible on hd800 compared to lcd-2. In my opinion the LCD2 won the contest easily for listening to music.

After almost one year later, i was prepared to buy one. I have sold all my headphones and waited for to become a authorized dealer. The wait was hard, considering i have sold both my headphones. I have contacted the Audeze support to get an update on the dealer status. Until then i thought Audezes' support was not so good. My opinion changed dramatically in the next weeks. They explained the situation and we started talking. I have related my first impression on their product. They liked my words and they gave me a gift for that (a Liquid Stranger CD, Earpads, an Audeze key ring and 2 pencils). I was amazed with their gift and gesture. I thank them again for that.
The wait was a little longer than I planned, but it was worth it. I got my brand new pair of LCD2 Bamboo :D

They are absolutely great. Have you ever listened to Leonard Cohen on LCD2?
If not, please do! His amazing voice is extraordinarily reproduced by these headphones.
I was listening to a violin in a classical opera and I suddenly for the first time in my life got an urge to start playing the violin. I was already seeing myself with the violin hold down with my chin and playing it frenetically . I really thought for a minute of getting a payed class or something...

I am sure many of you guys received a lot of friends and tried to share the joy, and many of your friends did not get the best of the sound quality, saying he does not hear the differences or he will never give that sort of money on headphones.
I got that a lot with my former headphones. I ended up explaining to them it is not something to get immediately, that your ears refine in time, your brain adjusts to the sound, etc ...

Well....with lcd2 i did not have to explain myself any-longer :D

I can tell you that these headphones really impressed a lot of people in my circle :D

My father also likes music, especially classical music. In college every time he had money he bought a vinyl. We have over 200 now. He sat down and i let him listen for over 15 minutes alone in the room. When i returned he had tears in his eyes. He found a fine interpretation of Bach sonata 3, and on these headphones, the music became very emotional.

My mother, whom is not into these kind of things and never understood this passion and the sums of money paid for it :)), was really impressed with these headphones. After she listened she begun to understand my passion, which is a major thing coming from my mother.

I have a friend that just begun to work at the national opera in Bucharest.
He has an extraordinary voice. He has sang and recorded the Tosca opera .
I gave his father to listen his interpretation on the headphones.
He was astonished, listening with his eyes closed just like my father.
He said that he liked it better on the headphones than real life.
I have convinced my wife to listen Leonard Cohen (one of her favourite artists) with lcd2. She started singing along, and then it was hard to remove the headphones off her head :)). WIth my previous headphones she walked away after the first song.
I have managed to record her listening and singing in the same time, without her seing me at first, because it was dark in the room for a better listening experience :D


When she left, she dedicated Abbas' "Thank you for the music" song to me, as I take my hat off to Audeze and dedicate it to them.


If she knows i linked her here, she will kill me :)) , but i could not help myself, this material was gold :))

This w/e I also had a friend come for a little audiophile get-together and we listened to a lot of headphones that day. Needless to say, he started to get the money to buy LCD2 :))

This picture was taken before LCD2 rocked his world :

So thank you for a great product Audeze, and thank you Avstore for becoming first authorised Audeze dealer in Romania.
I also thank you DarKu for the guidance and for introducing me the LCD2 :) , and for being a good friend!

And do not forget Burson ha-160ds. It is a great pair for lcd2.
I can't wait to listen to their new Conductor which would be an even better pair, considering the fact that it has a similar amplifier to Soloist.

Happy listening,


P.S. These headphones are an audiophile trap. This is the most efficient chain I have seen until now. It chains the audiophile to the computer or audio rig starting the moment he puts them on. Be careful, it works on normal people too, and normal people may become audiophiles.

Another friend that was thrown back with his feet up by the lcd2s:

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Mar 10, 2012
 These are the kind of impressions that are gold. Simply awesome.
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Mar 15, 2010
Thank you for reading my post. I was  pretty nervous. It was the first time i wrote something like this. I am very glad you liked it!
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Sep 29, 2008
This is what this hobby is all about. 
  It's really great to hear stories like this. Thanks for the review!
Although I have the SR-007 now, I know I'll always miss my LCD-2's, and may very well bring it back into my stable one day once I have more money...
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Feb 15, 2011
I wish more reviews were as personal like this. Truly awasome. Thanks. :)

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