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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shahzada123, Nov 19, 2013.
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  1. filuS
    I really like wooden stands, and I find Rooms Audio Line to be the sexiest. I have Typ FS in Mahogany finish, and it is tall enough for my W3000ANV, so LCD-XC won't be a problem.
  2. Mediahound
    Any USA distributer?
  3. filuS
    none that I know of. I live in EU, so I didn't really look for USA distributors, it's usually other way around - I want something that is hard to come by in EU but pretty common in USA :)
  4. vigotone
    Question for everybody: Just got a pair of the LCD-XC's. They sound AMAZING with the Centrance HiFi-M8 via the balanced stock XLR cable. I will probably be upgrading to the Oppo HA-1 soon, and I'd like to upgrade the cable as well.

    From what I've read, the Black Dragon cable from Moon Audio is the way to go. Is that correct? Or would the Silver Dragon be better?

    I've been chatting with Drew, who has been very helpful. Unfortunately, the male 4-pin XLR Neutrik connector is only an option on the "standard" Black Dragon, not the "premium" version (I'd have to go 1/4" connector for premium). Drew has said if I order the premium now, I can send it in to have an XLR connector added when that becomes an option.

    So what should I do? Go premium Black Dragon with 1/4" connector and add XLR later? Or just go standard Black Dragon with XLR now? Or go Silver Dragon?


  5. gulf1263
    I would not say the Oppo's are better than Audeze.....they are open backed, different, from reports they are better than the 2's but not quite as good as the closed back X's.
    It seems the Oppo collective just keeps repeating the mantra...."better than anything else" and do it often enough that many believe it.
    With the Gordon Lightfoot CD on a Marantz UD7007 through a Woo Wa7, the Audeze LCD-XC's sound better and the X's better still.
    On other equipment the sound may be different.
    Blanket statements that don't say what equipment is used and the LP, Digital file, SACD or CD played are bogus...no reference point to go by.
    So, without a reference the statement is bogus.
  6. leesure


    Have I missed something? I don't think anyone in this thread has claimed the Oppo headphones are better than Audez'e can, or anything else for that matter. I see a reference just above about wanting to upgrade to Oppo electronics, but no references to the headphones.
  7. vigotone
    Exactly. But I would love some thoughts on my cabling question above. Thanks!
  8. kothganesh

    I use the Silver Dragon and happen to think it goes very well with the XC ( and my 3). I have not heard the Centrance. If the Centrance has a more forward sound, them the Black Dragon makes sense. If it is more laid back, Silver Dragon could be better. IMO, of course.
  9. vigotone
    Thanks for your reply! Not sure I would describe the Centrance as forward. Probably more neutral, which is what I've heard about the Oppo as well. Earlier in this thread, it was stated emphatically by a few that copper was the way to go, so I was surprised when I also heard people recommending silver.
    Also, what are your thoughts on balanced vs. 1/4"?
  10. gulf1263
    I apologize.
    Became confused versus the amp and headphones.
    Oppo produces excellent and in the US fairly priced gear.
    My point being that just because it is Oppo does not make it superior in a particular system, other gear may sound as good or better.
    The "collective" seems to trumpet the superiority without taking time to consider their may be a better answer in a particular system.
    Again, please accept my apologies for the confusion and this was not an attack but a observation.
    Thanks again, this is a great forum.
  11. firefox131
    I had the pleasure to audition both and I would say each has its own strengths and appeal. Again let's agree that each has its own merits and also the combination of amps and cables yield different audio outcomes. I auditioned the lcd xc with a Burson and with toxic black widow as well as the virus. I also have the lcd2.2. Personally I find that the lcd2.2 goes better with the virus. While the lcd xc pairs better with the black widow. My lcd2.2 is not the newer version. Somehow the virus makes the lcd xc a little too bright on the highs. On the other hand the lcd2.2 shines with the virus. With the oppo pm1, I auditioned it with the oppo ha1 and my wagnus (dap in use is ak120). The quality of the oppo pm1 cannot be denied and I enjoyed it too but differently from the lcds. Better to the lcd2.2 and lcd xc? Personnaly no, just different and it gave me a different level of enjoyment. I plan to get the lcd xc as I am looking for a closed headphone. However if I was after another opened pair, I would get the oppo pm1 to complement my lcd2.2.
  12. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Listening to some Black Sabbath and the LCD-XCs and all I can say is: [​IMG] 
  13. Rossliew

    +10! I can vouch that the XC works very well with metal. It will not overdo the bass if it's not present but when it is, boy does it rumble!

    MH, pardon my ignorance but can you share which amp do you pair the XC with?
  14. MacedonianHero Contributor
    No worries, I'm using my CDP --> Bryston BDA-2 --> GS-X Mk2.
  15. Rossliew

    Many thanks! Looks like a mighty fine combo there :)
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