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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shahzada123, Nov 19, 2013.
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  1. x RELIC x Contributor
    Well, you won’t ever get the full 7Vrms output unless you turn the volume up to max, which I highly doubt you’ll do with the XC unless you are legally deaf.

    Congrats on your purchase. :)
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
  2. midnightfrolic

    Congrats! You'll love these and will last a long time. Paired with a good amp, it will bring out the best in these spacious cans.
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  3. kertong
    Thanks! But oh - yeah, that's probably true. But would it at least mean the gain / volume switch would be lower to have the same amount of power sent out? Not an expert on EE or how amplifier/dac internal circuitries work, but am curious if there are performance implications of an amp sending out 100% gain pushing 4V, or ~60% gain pushing 4V from the 7V balanced out?

    Doubt it's something I could discern in a double blind test, but it's nice to know your gadgetry is working at its full potential :D
  4. kertong
    thank you! I told myself I'd be happy with the AK Kann driving them but I'm already looking at the WA8 eclipse for work... this is a dangerous hobby.
  5. x RELIC x Contributor
    When a manufacturer quotes a max power rating that’s for full volume. With my gear (listed in my signature) I rarely use more than 1/8th of the available power from my devices with the LCD-XC to reach my preferred listening level. Power equals volume with transducers and implementation equals quality. Most headphones draw minimal power actually at reasonable volume levels, and certainly no where near 7Vrms or 4Vrms. It’s more the implementation of the source gear that’s important than the max power spec, which I would put on the bottom of the list regarding sound quality. Specs like crosstalk, THD, impedance, dynamic range, slew rate, etc., are more telling than max power specs.

    You are correct though that using high gain and 60% volume is better than low gain and 100% volume because you’d want to avoid distortions, but again, it’s only a few headphones that require such power. The LCD-XC is actually quite efficient and will probably use 20-30% volume on low gain (at least for my listening levels around 85dB average).

    The WA8 is a rather weak amp compared to the KANN actually, but many people really like it with a wide range of headphones. The WA8 outputs only 350mW max in to a 45 Ohm load. Again, it’s the implementation and quality (and synergy) of the gear not the max power spec that’s important... once you have enough power to drive your headphones with some room to spare for dynamics in the music (around 80% volume).
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
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  6. kertong
    solid info xRELICx - thank you!! really appreciate the time and info. i feel like the lcd-xc is just the beginning - can't wait to see what the rest of the journey holds!
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  7. NaiveSound
    I just realized there is a separate thread for Thr lcd XC (closed back)

    I'll be getting this thing for a while, all I have is mojo, is that enough to power this thing?

    I'm looking for a forward engaging midrange/vocals, have I come to the right place?
  8. NaiveSound
    Is this headphone considered *clear* does it have good *resolution /detail*?

    Or is it rather warm, dark and more musical than it is fun or exiting?
  9. TexasBuck
    The XC's are very resolving and detailed. If anything, a touch on the bright side, but with tremendous tight bass. I actually had a lot of problems with harshness and brightness when I paired the XC's with a bright/analytical DAC/Amp combo. With a more neutral amp, the XC's sound fantastic to me. Surprisingly wide sound-stage for a closed phone as well.
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  10. Mozhoven
    I would agree with this as well. A warm amp like my Marantz HD-DAC1 drives these cans like a champ, and makes them super fun to listen as well. I'm actually surprised more folks aren't talking about a Marantz/XC combo more. They are the perfect antidotes to one another...
  11. NaiveSound
    Is mojo a decent pair?

    Getting the lcd XC as gift from a friend. I'm too poor to buy any dac/amp.

    I'm hoping mojo is good enough pair with it without any sibilance

    I do like a forward midrange, I like an emotional and fun midrange, I sure hope these will be ok
  12. makan
    Had the mojo with my XC once upon a time, and they sounded fantastic. I drive them now with the OPPO HA-1 and Senn HDVD800. Both sound detailed and musical.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2017
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  13. SLC1966
    I also drive them with Mojo. Works very well. XC is relatively easy to drive.

    I also drive them with Vali 2, Mimby and Eitr. That is a combo I prefer for XC. I get an even more visceral sound. For my Aeon HP for whatever reason I prefer Mojo over the Schiit triple stack.

    I wonder why XC is not talked about much. Obvious reasons are price, size and weight. I thoroughly enjoy the sound of them!
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2017
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  14. TexasBuck
    Sounds like the Mojo should be fine, from what others are saying. I would add: The XC's are a good enough headphone, that they are worth building your system around. (Especially if you absolutely have to have a closed headphone) Even if the Mojo isn't an ideal pairing, I would still hang on to the XC's until you were able to add a better match to your audio chain. I'm speaking from experience, as I nearly sold my pair before switching to a more suitable Amp/DAC. With that said, I really hope the Mojo pairs well and you enjoy the XC's!
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  15. NaiveSound
    I wish you guys would comment on Thr mid section, and vocals and engagement and overall *fun/emotion*.

    I appreciate all of you
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