Audeze LCD-XC Headphones with Upgraded Moon Audio Black Dragon Cable

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by SpyderRoll, Sep 16, 2018.
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    Up for sale is my gently used, adult owned Audeze LCD-XC headphones that I purchased from a fellow Head-Fi'er. I purchased it due to the closed back design and used it in an office setting. It comes with the Audeze carry case and an upgraded Black Dragon cable, originally $400! Deliciously smooth and transparent, works and looks amazing. Always been babied, never been dropped. The only blemish that I can see is a small hair line blemish in the wood cup (as seen in the pics) that was there when I purchased it - it does not affect performance at all. Serial number: 8454974

    Fast shipping with free signature confirmation included in price. PayPal fees are buyer's responsibility.

    DSC00043.jpg DSC00044.jpg DSC00045.jpg DSC00046.jpg DSC00047.jpg DSC00049.jpg DSC00050.jpg DSC00051.jpg DSC00055.jpg DSC00057.jpg DSC00058.jpg DSC00041.jpg
  2. 1BADJAD
    Hello...hope this won't be an insult, but I'll offer $900 w/shipping&paypal included OR a pair of "like new" Grado RS1e's (advertised w/pics on head-fi) + $400 if either one interests you. No hurry for an answer, as I have far too many toys to be foolishly making an offer an yet another ToTL pair of cans. I guess I just want the chance to compare them with my TH900's & Sony MDR-Z1R's to see how they rank. Hey...if you still have them after a while, let me'll be a standing offer as long as I still have the $$ and haven't purchased something else yet (entirely possible, of course). Thanks!


    PS - I'd also offer $700 without the "Black Dragon" or $300 + RS1e's for them, as I already have a reference cable that include an LCD adapter.
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  3. 1BADJAD
    crud...was supposed to be a PM....sorry!
  4. omegaorgun
    swap for a laptop
  5. SpyderRoll
    Just sent you a PM, 1BADJAD.

    Sorry omegaorgun, I'm just looking for cash at the moment. Thanks for the offer.
  6. omegaorgun
    No problemo, I did have an MDR-Z7 and an amp/dac if you did change your mind but GLWS in meantime.
  7. SpyderRoll

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