Audez'e LCD-XC (Fazor) Bubanga Headphones - As New - Complete with All Accessories
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Feb 1, 2010
NOTE:  No trade offers, please.
These are approximately 18 months old and been out of the box literally once for a few hours with a 3rd party cable I had borrowed for testing and ended up buying (this is why stock cables are still sealed).  I have purchased them from an authorized dealer but I didn't have a suitable amp for optimal use and I have also realized that they are are little too big and slightly heavy for my taste for extended listening periods regardless of the amp issue, which has now been resolved.  Serial # is shown on the outside box found on one of the photos.
The pictures have been taken this morning and now I have resealed the box.  The current eBay completed transaction prices are 5-10% above my asking price here but I will give this a shot first since there are no transaction fees.
"As new" is a fair description for these headphones.  I will not accept lower offers so please do not ask.  Price assumes PayPal Gift payment, so please add 3.5% extra for Goods/Purchase transaction fees.  Price includes triple-boxed USPS Priority Shipping/Insured and Signature Required to the Continental US states.  I prefer not to ship outside the country due to shipping costs and/or customs issues.
Update:  I have added this to Audiogon including a free Whiplash Audio Hybrid custom cable with purchase.  Please check it out there if you're interested.



















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