Audeze LCD-X

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by icenine2, Oct 4, 2013.
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  1. HungryPanda
    I will never sell mine (I hope)
  2. fradoca
    I use the LCD-X as a reference in my little mastering studio.I've recently bought the LCD-X Creator Package 2017.My new lcd-x has been built by audeze on the 6th of november.
    The drivers mounted on it are the latest ones.Compared to my previous 2014 Lcd-x this new one sounds much better.It's more balanced on the overall frequency response and more extended on low and especially high frequencies.
    Definitely a step ahead.Then if you use it with the Audeze Reveal Plugin the sonic experience is quite remarkable.I drive the Lcd-x in balanced mode with the HE-9 by Audio GD.My source is a heavily modified benchmark dac1.
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  3. Scapewalker
    Would you guys recommend a cable upgrade andnif so which 1?

    I have seen ppl talk about new cables copper/silver really making a difference for the LCD-2s.
  4. SomeGuyDude
    I got one just because it's more sturdy and looks nice, there's not going to be any audible difference.
  5. Scapewalker
    Thinking about the JDS Element with LCD-X. They are somewhat cheap and the X aren't necessarily hard to drive. Do you guys have any experience with the Element?
    Or should i just go with the Jotunheim?
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  6. SomeGuyDude
    I'd get the Element myself. I don't have experience with the Jot-X combo but I admit that later experience has somewhat cooled me off on Schiit products.
  7. UELong
    SilverBlue Audio! California-based cable maker. He sent me his cables to compare before buying, comparing them to a SilverDragon. I bought his Silver-Gold cable. I'll try to find his email if you like. I have to respectively disagree with @SomeGuyDude, in that I've found a noticeable change in sound with audio cables. USB cables-I'm not convinced. But, my first improvement with the LCD-X was changing from stock to the Wywires Red. I don't care about looks, being a blind guy and all that. But, I'm a believer in audio cables for sound uptake, FWIW.
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  8. SomeGuyDude
    BTW I don't know if it's just from being away for so long or if there really is a difference, but the repaired X I got sounds significantly... weightier than I recall? I guess? It's still energetic and dynamic, but if it's whatever their new drivers are, there's a smoothness to the sound that I don't recall my 2014 model having without making it too syrupy (a la the LCD-3).
  9. FirstError
    That's interesting, I thought mine got a bit harsher with a more extended treble, it's almost too bright for my tastes now after the transition. It lost a bit of warmth, but I think the bass is smoother/cleaner than before, which is a plus. It makes me wonder if I should look more into the LCD-3/LCD-4, the LCD-X is very close to what I'm looking for but not quite there all together.
  10. SomeGuyDude
    The X really does feel like a sort of "litmus test" for Audeze. From what I've been told, the 4 is more in line with the X, its bass not being as prominent, but if you think the X is too bright I would 100% think the 3 would be endgame for you.
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  11. FirstError
    That's my impression of the situation as well, I plan on auditioning both of those as much as I can and then seeing which one I like more. For me it's safe to say that while more resolving, the newest drivers for the LCD-X appear to have drifted even farther from the "warm" Audeze sound I was used to. From what I've read, the LCD-3 looks right up my alley, but the LCD-4's soundstage and supposedly superior bass response has me intrigued as well. Both should be a little bit less bright at any rate.
  12. SomeGuyDude
    From what I've read, the 4 less bassy than the 3 because it's aiming for a slightly more "reference" tone. I'm almost getting the feeling that the 3 is the upgrade from the 2 and the 4 is for the X, though the MX4 is throwing a wrench into things with that.
  13. ezekiel77
    Based on separate auditioning sessions, LCD-4 sounds like a direct upgrade to the X.
  14. sahmen
    So is the X less bassy than the other audeze models? I wouldn't really know because I have only ever heard the X which I own, and no other Audeze models. By the way, I am perfectly pleased with the way my X sounds, and don't find the bass to be either lacking or overbearing for the types of music I like, but I am curious about how it shakes out with other models.
  15. SomeGuyDude
    Correct. It's not lacking in bass by any stretch, it's just a little less bass tilted, and it's not a MASSIVE difference either. One of those things you notice if you spend time with them.
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