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Audeze LCD-MX4

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Audeze, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. nrbatista
    Thank you for the suggestions. It surely looks like an awesome setup.
  2. eugene2
    Listening tonight through Hugo2 playing around running it throughout my Vorzuge, incredible... I know I know Hugo2 doesn’t need amp, it just sounds marvelous right now. I’m using Roon Audeze EQ... just ordered
    Massdrop x Eddie Current ZDT Jr. after reading your Woo post, I’ll see what happens with that... I said I may sell, i’m Not this is a great headphone, period...
    I’ll just wait and add the ZMF later
  3. nrbatista
    Is there anyone else using Silver cables with the MX4 ? The stock ones are pure copper and are overall well regarded as some of you already have mentioned.

    I would like to buy a 4.4mm terminated cable to use with the ZX300 or terminated with a double 3.5mm balanced to use with Pono (or the v280) but still not clear whether to go with pure Silver or pure Copper.

    (disclaimer: I don’t have the MX4 yet, still patiently expecting it to be delivered at my door)
  4. groovyd
    the WA22 is a great amp, very nice sounding
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  5. eugene2
    image.jpg Eddie Current arrived yesterday, today I received some 5654w tubes for the front end. Using Hugo2 as Dac with Verastarr silver cables. The MX4 with Dekoni lambskin earpads really sounds smooth through Roon with Audeze eq. I have been playing between MX4 and LCD 4 eq, weird sometimes I like what LCD4 eq is doing no matter how wrong it is...
  6. EDN80
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
  7. nrbatista
    LCD-24 prototype turned out being launched as the LCD-4Z, correct?
  8. CaptainFantastic
    Apparently it's a new headphone, but this review was not supposed to be released. Audeze is trying to have it removed.

    It will most likely be a limited run unit. Rumors have it the engineers at Audeze want it but the management less so.
  9. nrbatista
    Recent review of them from Z Reviews.
  10. CaptainFantastic
    He is not a serious reviewer though. It's just light, pass the time on Youtube entertainment. He recommends 95% of the gear he reviews, he makes decisions on sound quality based on 1.5 seconds of A/Bing (while recording the video), etc.

    Also see his new video of the sound of the MX4. Listened to it with my MX4. Totally off. He even admitted in the past he doesn't have the time to get sound demos right, like Clavinetjunkie does, but he continues to misinform.
  11. Keyboarder
    I just got my Audeze LCD-MX4's largely due to this thread (THANK YOU) and couldn't be happier. Even with just a LG V30+ i'm hearing things I didn't even hear in Shure SE846's. I was listening to a song I'm very familiar with and could hear the sound of the room it was recorded in. It was actually so revealing I was a bit disturbed and surprised by it.

    Though they sound great on my LG V30, in some demanding songs at volume I can hear amp clipping or mild distortion. I'm being picky here, but I can tell a better amp will improve it and we don't buy high end cans like this to hear clipping, right? I don't believe the issue is with the DACs in the V30 at all, it's got to be the amp section.

    As owners of this great headphone, which of these directions would you steer me? (Please note: I don't want to roll tubes.. yet :)
    1. External Dac connected to V30 - Chord Mojo, IFI Micro iDSD Black Label or similar
    2. External Amp connected to V30 - Pico Power or similar portable amp
    3. Go full DAP Sony Walkman - (Probably the $1100 NW-WM1A, not the $3k NW-WM1Z)
    4. Go big at home with reference hardware and just deal with the stock V30 when traveling - Mytek Brooklyn+ is my top consideration here.

    Also, I found the stock case to be utterly massive and ordered this XXL CASEBUDi to try as a portable protection for the MX4's. The fit was excellent.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
  12. kid vic
    I vote 4, if you ever want to hit the LCD-4 you'll need the power and it gives you more options if you choose to go further up the reference ladder (turntable, CD player and reference dacs in particular).
  13. EDN80
    Congrats! And go for #4. You got the MX4. Get yourself a proper amp and DAC and enjoy!
  14. Keyboarder
    Ok, I took your advice and bought a Denafrips Ares II R2R DAC and a Monolith Liquid Platinum Cavalli amp for the MX4's.

    I'll just use my LG V30 stock when travelling... for now.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
  15. thebkt
    I love the sound of my MX4 through my R2R-1. They're great through other sources in my signature, but that much better through an R2R dac and solid amp.
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