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Audeze LCD-MX4

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Audeze, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Dobrescu George
    I actually think that this sums up my feelngs rather well.

    The treble is a bit low in quantity, they actually a more forward midrange, sweet-ish kinda presentation.

    I think taht to call MX4 bright would overdo it, they are maybe strong in the mids, but nor bright, the bass surely has both substance and impact, even more so than LCD-4 or LCD-4Z
  2. groovyd
    It seems anyone who really cares about frequency balance would be best off getting a highly capable ultra-wide bandwidth headphone (such as the MX-4) but custom calibrated via some service such as Sonarworks. This will put you at a reference response that you can then precisely tailor to your feel or genre. In this sense the MX-4 'is' a silver bullet in that it responds favorably to EQ without any inherent limitations across the entire spectrum. If you want bass, it won't argue; crisp vocals dial in spades; precise non-siblant highs, check. Pair it with a nice tube amp and a few EQ presets off reference flat and there isn't much out there that would surpass it. The only step up from here for me is an HE-1
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
  3. thebkt
    I'm a big fan of mine without any EQ. I've mentioned in the past that I much preferred the X with Sonarworks over stock, but the MX4 to me is fine out of the box. I switch back and forth between stock and reveal, but don't feel like I'm suffering without reveal whatsoever. Let's be real though, you'd bloody well hope it sounds good out of the box for the sticker price.
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  4. Dobrescu George
    There are some headphones that, depending on your taste, could be a step-up, but I feel you. If this is your sound, then you're in heaven.

    That is a big part of the point, if you get a flagship headphone, best try to get the one that you like without EQ :)

    There will surely be one :)
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  5. nrbatista
    @groovyd thanks for your thoughts. I plan using MX4 in stock form, eventually investing in a nice tube amp (any suggestions? ) and a quality cable.

    Are you guys using the stock cables with the MX4 or what brand/material ? Copper, silver, hybrid?
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  6. Dobrescu George
    I really like the stock cables to be honest

    As for good AMP, what price are you looking at?

    Cheapest that I'd recommend is TA10 from xDuoo, reallyt nice quality for really good price
  7. nrbatista
    Regarding the cable, nice to hear that the stock cable is good. I already have a Silver Widow from Toxic Cables, I’ll compare both once I receive the MX4.

    @Dobrescu George thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t know that brand, will check it out. Is it possible to buy in Europe?

    I was thinking on something around 600€ for a tube amp, used stuff maybe, the likes of woo audio wa6. I already have a Violectric v280, but a tube amp was always something I would like to experiment.
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  8. Dobrescu George
    About WooAudio, they have a very colored sound, it is usually kind of thick, and muted in the treble. This isn't true for all Tube AMPs, just WooAudio that does this.

    For TA10, you can buy from XTENIK, I live in Europe and XTENIK has been quite excellent on delivering stuff quickly and without hassle.

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  9. nrbatista
    Thank you. I believe this is shipped from Hong Kong, isn’t it? Customs should apply in that case (23% vat here)
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  10. Dobrescu George
    Yes, and yes, most probably

    But that would be the case regardless of where you get it from, if it was in EU, it would already have been with 50 EUR more than the price in China because of that VAT :)
  11. nrbatista
    Indeed :) how does the MX4 sound with the xDuoo TA10 ?
  12. nrbatista
  13. groovyd
    The WA6 sounds sublime with the MX4... paired to a nice DAC and you're done... just sit back and smile as the sounds dance around your head effortlessly.
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  14. eugene2
    I am using mine with the Hugo 2 to which I think works well with this headphone plus EQ. I like the stock Cable also, I also changed the ear pads on my MX4 and it tamed a lot of the issues I was having with frequency response. I tried many other headphones such as the Sennheiser’s and found the MX4 more to my liking. I want to try the ZMF headphones but would have to sell these to do that and am afraid it might be a mistake even though I can just buy another set later...
  15. SnapperMusicFan
    Chord qutest, Woo WA22 Gen2 Balanced, moon audio silver dragon LCD MX4, the tubes you choose for the WA22 make a huge difference. I have a pair of Tungsol 6f8g’s Bendix 6080wb power tubes & a USAF 596. The MX4’s sound amazing with this setup super clean, beautiful sounding for long listening. The also sound great through a Hiby R6 Pro, and I do add a little EQ.
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