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Audeze LCD-MX4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Matias, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. Matias
    200g lighter weight for greater comfort.

    Last edited: Oct 5, 2017
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  2. phaeton70
    interesting, subscribed.

  3. Anjolie
    Cool. Subbed
  4. ajreynol
    200g lighter, you say?

    At first you had my curiosity; now you have my attention.
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  5. ToroFiestaSol

    The "LCD-Pro" prototype discussed months ago, didn't have fazors and had a planned price of 1200usd.

    From what I've heard from Jude's video, this LCD-MX4 has a lot in common with LCD-4, and it's much more efficient.
    I wonder how much LCD MX-4 will cost, the "very similar to LCD-4" thing tells me that it will cost an arm and a leg...
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2017
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  6. phaeton70
    if it is around 2 grand, I'll buy it eyes closed, but I strongly doubt it will be so cheap......
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  7. Zojokkeli
    There is something seriously wrong with the headphone world nowadays if $2k is considered cheap.
  8. HungryPanda
    I'm for one glad the Chi-Fi iem and earbud market is much more in the real world
  9. Anjolie
    That sounds about right
  10. 514077
    Being that it's more fore studio/professional (utilitarian) use, one can only hope it'll be a fair bit less expensive.
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  11. Anjolie
    I couldn't buy anything without trying it out first (best) or reading a LOT of impressions/reviews (second best for me). I've never heard the LCD-4 or even the LCD-3, but I DO love the LCD-2F which I own and I am getting the LCD-X soon, so my point of reference is somewhat limited. Maybe the Schiitr will get a pair in when they finally get released so I can check them out. I guess for now, I'll have to go through the LCD-4 thread and reviews to get an idea of the MX4
  12. SomeGuyDude

    I was just settling in with my X.
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  13. Anjolie
    Tell me about it. My LCD-X is arriving next week and now this *heavy sigh*
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  14. SomeGuyDude
    I mean in fairness the X is my favorite of the non-4 lineup, but this is like... my endgame dream. :frowning2:
  15. SomeGuyDude
    I heavily doubt their "very similar to the LCD-4" is going to cost the same as the LCD-3.

    If it's an extra efficient LCD-4, I'd peg it to relate to be a minimum $3,000.
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