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Audeze LCD i4 TOTL In-Ear Monitor Discussion

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  1. gonzfi

    I'm using my lcd i4 with the cipher cable plus an anker lighting to USB-c cable allowing me to pair with my galaxy s9 phone.

    Could I the add a USB-c to USB-a adaptor allowing me to plug straight into my lap top? If so can anyone recommend a suitable adaptor as there are tons of different ones!

  2. Misson07
    Did anyone know if the gold grill thing that can be seen on this the back of this iem a part of actual driver or just some kind of filter?
  3. candlejack
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  4. Mikey99
    It is a simple loose screen, to protect the driver.
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  5. Mrcojocaru
    Hi there. What EQ settings do you use on your player? I feel like I've seen so many different answers on this that I'm confused.

    Is there a recommended curve? I'm using the i4 on my zx300 and it sounds amazing, but the EQ curve I'm using doesn't sound quite right and I don't know enough to adjust it. Your knowledge would be valued!
  6. normie610
    I haven’t got my 1Z in front of me, but as I recall (using 10-band EQ), I gave a heavy bump in 31Hz (probably around 5-6 dB), half of it at 60Hz, slight reduction in 125 (-0.5 dB), a bump in 2 and 4 kHz (around 3-4 dB) and reduction in 8 and 16 kHz (-1.5 and -1 dB). Hope this helps.
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  7. sahmen
    Well personally, I use the Audeze presets in Roon for all my Audeze headphones, and that simplifies things for me quite a bit. I did find this "public service announcement" that you might find useful :

    Public Service Announcement: EQ settings for all Audeze headphones



    Audeze recently released their Reveal Software, which has been talked about in this subreddit already.
    The Audeze Reveal Software is essentially a very specific filter, a fixed EQ curve to correct the frequency response of their headphones. Contrary to previous guesses, there is no virtual surround sound or other crossfeed, it's only a compensation of frequency response.
    The idea is that Audeze has a very specific target as to what the frequency response of a headphone should look like, and if you add the EQ settings that are stored in the Reveal-plugin to the "natural" frequency response of their specific headphone models, the resulting frequency response matches their target response much more closely than can be done by conventional acoustic tuning.
    The target curve that Audeze uses is slightly different but similar to the Harman Target Curve.

    The Audeze Reveal Software comes in the form of a VST/AU-plugin, which is a common format of effect processors used in digital audio production, VST plugins can be used with virtually any decent Music Production Software (called "Digital Audio Workstation", DAW), and there are ways you can load VST plugins directly into your main audio output even when using other Music Player software (Spotify, ...).

    NOW, since not everybody has a system that can host VST plugins I decided to measure the frequency response of the Reveal-plugin, so you can implement them with your own EQ (Equalizer APO / Peace, or whatever you have available).

    Link to the Imgur-Album containing the frequency responses of the individual EQ settings

    By the way, the EQ settings for the iSine-series are similar but not identical to the DSP-setting of the Cipher cable.
    Remember, the Cipher cable contains a DSP that drastically changes the frequency response.

    These are the frequency responses of the Audeze iSine10, the iSine20 and the LCD-2 (with Fazor) with their respective EQ settings applied.
    All measurements taken with an industry-standard coupler ("711 coupler"), the GRAS 43AC / 43AG.

    The attached frequency response of the Reveal Plug for the LCDi4 looks like this :

    8 - LCDi4.png

    And the PEQ Equivalent of the Cipher cable, according to @KMann , looks like this :

    17- LCDi4Cipher.png

    Hope this helps a little
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
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  8. Randy Myers
    I recently bought a pair of the Audeze LCD-i4s. I have owned a few different headphones trying to find the ones that work best for me; McIntosh MHP1000, Sennheiser HD800S, Audeze EL-8, MrSpeakers Ether, KEF M500, Focal Clear, Audeze iSINE 10, Audeze iSINE 20. I have used the headphones with both built in headphone amps on a few different DACs and with separate headphone amps. I find I enjoy them the most using them with my Astell&Kern DAP.

    With all of this said I have to say that the Audeze LCD-i4 are the best sounding most comfortable headphones I have ever owned. I can wear them for hours at work with no issues or discomfort what so ever. Sound wise they are as good if not better then any headphone I have ever heard! They absolutely get my top rating!
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  9. Misson07
    Could you please compare the i4 and the Clear? Thanks.
  10. Randy Myers
    Wow... they are both pretty exceptional. The LCD-i4 are more open in my view and don't feel so enclosed; this has a lot to do with the LCD-i4's design in that they feel like they are hanging off your ears versus enclosing your head. All in all I would say the Audeze appear to surround me with music, not so much like I am listening to headphones but like music is surrounding me. Great vocals and a bit more clarity in the highs. The Focals have solid bottom end, but I would say the LCD-i4 definitely hold their own. All in all the Audeze are a different earphone experience then any of the others I have had (although the iSINE 20 have the same experience but not as refined in sound quality as either the Focals or the LCD-i4s).
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  11. bidn
    Hi Misson07,

    I own both and find both excellent.
    I normally don't drive them in the same manner as they are not meant for the same purpose,
    I usually drive the LCDi4 with my AK SP1000cu and the Clear with my RME ADI-2 Pro,
    I mean this is not easy to compare.

    Not using any E.Q. here are my impressions:
    With the stock cable the LCDi4 has the relaxed Audeze coloration (several dips in the FR), very pleasant but not neutral whereas the Clear sounds neutral, reference.
    I purchased a balanced EffectAudio Cleopatra cable for the LCDi4 and it does increase resolution and treble, making it sound less relaxed but even more high end.
    (I intend to buy the bluetooth cipher adapter to connect to my android phone and see how it will change the FR of the LCDi4).

    For soundstage (huge) and bass, I find that the LCDi4 is easily the better.

    For dynamics, I find the Focals better.

    One practical negative thing for the LCDi4 is that, unlike compact in-ears or strongly-build headphones like Focals, they look fragile, I fear I may damage them, so I have to give them extra care and carry them in a Peli 1020 case.
    In any case, I find the LCDi4 to be fantastic. If one does not have enough space for headphones, the LCDi4 maybe one of the best substitutes.

    The practical thing I find negative about the Clear is the light grey color of the headband and earpads because they may take a dirty coloration after much contact (my wife knitted some fabric around the headband, but that doesn't protect the earpads).

    BTW comparing the LCDi4 to the LCD4, well surprisingly (it was also a surprise for me) I prefer the sound of the LCDi4 to that LCD4!
    (not speaking of issues such as weight and comfort):
    I listen at very low volume levels, at such levels the sound of the LCD headphones is not clean enough for me,
    I went once to my dealer to audition the LCD4 and possibly purchase them, but actually didn't like them so much and walked away having purchased the LCDi4 instead, something I even hadn't thought about... But the LCDi4 were clean for me at very low level and were also the big surprise that day compared to headphones I was auditioning.

    Have a nice weekend,
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
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  12. Misson07
    Thanks for the comparison, both for you :smile_phones:

    Surprise to hear that the i4 seem to have larger soundstage but I guess relatively smaller stage is just Focal thing.
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  13. Randy Myers
    Excellent review bidn. I agree with your assessment, especially with the part about feeling like I have to protect the LCD-i4. I also purchased a Pelican 1020 case and the matching foam insert. I feel the earphones are being protect much better then the not so protective case that Audeze sends with them. Also, I have set it up so that I can leave the ear hooks on when they are in the Pelican case. That was probably the only thing that really bugged me. Audeze solution was to remove the ear hooks whenever you put them in the case.... not a great solution. :)
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  14. sahmen
    Did anyone know about this LCDi3 which is to be released on August 23rd, with a price tag of $899.00?




    Audeze announces the new LCD-i3, successor to the extremely popular iSINE 20 and "little brother" to the LCD-i4. The LCD-i3 features sonic improvements over the iSINE 20, with Bluetooth, Lightning, and standard 3.5mm connectivity included. By using the Magnesium housing and grill design of the LCD-i4, the LCD-i3 reduces unwanted resonance and offers improved resolution over the iSINE 20.

    The LCD-i3 will be priced at only $899 USD retail and will begin shipping on August 23rd.

    Announcing the LCD-i3!_Page_2.jpg Announcing the LCD-i3!_Page_3.jpg
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019
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  15. junix
    @Wyville I saw this, read till the end, thought this was made for you and in the meantime you liked it.
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