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Audeze LCD-4z - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by XERO1, Apr 10, 2018.
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  1. tjwb84
    I believe it is possible to run VST's in a 'systemwide' mode on Windows, yes. From a quick Google search, I'd look at an application called Equalizer APO:


    This app is itself a systemwide equalizer, but it can apparently also run third-party VST's, so you should be able to use it to run something like the Pro-Q 3 in Windows.

    You do not need any hardware DSP, in my opinion. I use RME's hardware-DSP based equalizer, but that is only because I use both monitor speakers and headphones, and I want the EQ to apply only to the headphone output. For that reason, a systemwide VST doesn't work for me (it would apply the same EQ to my speaker output).
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  2. commtrd
    Currently on the balanced Norne S3 out of GSX Mini and there is zero missing detail and sparkle. Cymbals crash and decay flawlessly, treble seems to be replicated very faithfully. 4z very definitely did scale up to the upgraded chain. To me it seems hard to understand how 4z could be said to be detail-deficient, but I suppose that if a person's preferred signature would be more on the order of HD800 then no amount of tweaking would then satisfy.

    Fortunately there are Abyss Phi TC, Empyrean, Susvara, (input desired headphone) etc. So if 4z not your cup of tea, find another yourself to please.
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  3. drummerdimitri
    I will be getting the Norne S3 Silvergrade cable to be used out of my CMA400i balanced to see if that makes a difference. If not, I'm always open to trade for something more neutral.
  4. betula
    Instead of a cable upgrade I would look into DAC/amp upgrade. The 400i is decent for the money, but it is not difficult to find something better around £1000.
  5. drummerdimitri
    I tried them with a Chord Hugo TT 2 and couldn't really tell a difference. The CMA400i is a reference amp with a really good DAC so not going to be upgrading that anytime soon unless I need more power.
  6. betula
    Sure, just follow your own ears.
    I found the built in DAC in my CMA600i pretty weak compared to 2Qute and especially Qutest.
    TT2 to my ears blew away Qutest with any amp. (And to me the 600i was already a step up to the 400i on its own.)
  7. KMann

    An alternate option that only costs a little and one I prefer is to use Jriver. You will need to enable Jriver's windows driver and make Jriver as the default device. Within Jriver you can add Reveal or any DSP you would like. Jriver can output to your DAC both usin WASAPI and ASIO drivers.
  8. astrostar59
    What is wrong with Roon DSP?
  9. KMann
    Nothing wrong with Roon, it is what I use for all my music listening Headphone or 2 channel. What Roon does not do is 'systemwide' on OSX or Windows.
  10. johnzz4
    @KMann Which headphone’s impulse response is your profile pic?
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
  11. commtrd
    Well obviously just a cable will not make up for any deficiencies real or perceived in the amp or dac. However, with the Hugo 2 (not the top of the line from Chord by any means) and the GSX Mini amp, along with the S3 from Norne, The 4z are fairly singing! It was amazing how much difference this amp has made to the overall signature of the 4z. And they are in no way too warm and sloppy either. The bass is tight, hits hard, clean up into the mids, and the transition into treble and upper registers is without fault far as I can tell. I think the amp overall tightened everything up almost surgically. Yet that gorgeous musicality is still there. So yeah, I hear someone dissing the detail, air, and instrumental separation with extreme resolution, with the blackest floor, and roll the eyes LOL.
  12. KMann
    I don't know which one I used. It is from our DDA-1 project.
  13. johnzz4
    I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about it. Was it abandoned, or did it serve as the precursor to the cipher cable and reveal plugin?
  14. KMann
    Some of both.
  15. drummerdimitri
    Here's the FR graph of my LCD-4z in case anyone is interested.

    FR graph.png
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