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Audeze LCD-4z - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by XERO1, Apr 10, 2018.
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  1. CreditingKarma
    So I am doing some listening back and forth between the lcd 4 and the 24. I have been using Two for One by the Vital Tech Tones (drum and bass solo with Steve Smith and Victor Wooten)great for testing IMO. All of the testing was done straight out of my Hugo TT2. The LCD 24 still like a good amount of power.

    The 24 is indeed more neutral they also do give up a bit in the bass. The bass is still there it just doesn't slam as much. the quality of the bass is just as good imo.

    If I was using them for recording I would take the 24 over either the 4z or 4. They provide less coloration to the sound and image pretty damn well. I think that they could be considered a bit more revealing due to the suppressed mids. I think that this is what most are referring to as the meaty sound of the LCD 4.

    The sound stage is smaller on the 24 by a very small amount. I feel that the 24 images slightly ahead of the LCD 4. They seem to be a bit more pinpoint with the imaginging. They are also a bit lighter than the 4.

    If I was to draw a conclusion from my brief time with them. I would say that the 24 is almost like a planar version of the Focal clears which is not a bad thing in my book. In fact i actually prefer them slightly over the Lcd 4 and 4z. For the price I would take them over the empyrean and would gladly pay the extra to get them over the MX4.

    Damn it I almost want to sell my clears and get these in their place. I told my wife no more audio gear for the rest of the year. Well maybe an M-Scaler
  2. mixman
    Thanks for the impressions of the 24 and 4. I am going to have to figure which slots into my collection the best the 24 or 4z. If the 24 was more neutral and had all that smoking 4/4z bass impact, I would get it in a minute. This is why I do like the the Empy, it has, for me, a great tonal balance and good bass impact, just not as much bass detail as the 4/4z. Also, for me the Verite does the good detail with amazing soundstage. Trying to figure out if i really need a Clear sounding can. Also, I was hoping for a larger soundstage and better imaging for the 24. Oh well, I guess you can't have it all.

    Oh congrats on the TT2, when did you get that? I know you where using the LP before. I am sure it sounds quite a bit better. Is it enough to drive the 1266 well? Sell the Clears and get the 24, I would say. They will definitely resolve better and have more bass impact and you can listen to them when not listening to the TC and not feel like you are missing a whole lot.
  3. CreditingKarma

    I got the TT2 last week. I had a pavane on order but metrum lost the order and I have heard rumblings of issues with the company as a whole. So I picked up the TT2 at a pretty good discount. I had one on order earlier in the year but decided to buy speakers instead of waiting for the TT2. It is actually the unit that I had ordered earlier in the year.

    The TT2 drives the abyss really well it puts out more power than the liquid platinum. I can always use the liquid platinum with the TT2 but that doesn't make much sense in terms of transparency. The TT2 is a substantial step up from the onyx to my ears though.

    I really want to get the 24. I have spent way too much this year on hifi. I upgraded my speakers twice hopefully the Magico s1mkii will be my last speaker for a long while. I also picked u pl the abyss, khans, onyx, liquid platinum, clears, TT2, and liquid platinum. So my wallet need time to rest. Unless someone wants to trade the 24 for a Solaris and pair of clears.
  4. mixman
    Does the LP get smoked by the TT2?
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2019
  5. betula
    Not to my ears.
  6. mixman
    That was more of a rhetorical question....I rephrased the question.
  7. drummerdimitri
    How do these sound balanced? I have a Questyle CMA400i back home and purchased these from abroad however I am not sure I want to keep them as they don't sound like 3000$ headphones (what I paid for them) but from experience some headphones can sound way better going balanced such as my DT1990 pros.
  8. betula
    Balanced or single ended does not matter. It is all about implementation. The 400i should be ok for the 4z, but keep in mind it is just an OK sound. The 4z can sound much better with better gear. My personal rule of thumb is: 30% DAC, 30% amp, 30% headphone when it comes to price.
    Otherwise you are missing out.
  9. drummerdimitri
    I don't really believe in this rule as it is ridiculously oversimplified.

    Anyway I converter my LCD-4z to balanced and although I get more power out of them that way, the overpower protection kicks in before reaching max volume setting on high or low gain with my CMA400i.

    Surely this is enough volume but sometimes I like to blast music really loudly so it seems the CMA Twelve with almost twice the power on the balanced output would be better suited for driving these. What's really ridiculous is that they are rated at a max of 5 W RMS per channel! Coming from dynamic driver headphones these are more like ear speakers then headphones.
  10. betula
    Indeed. My CMA600i sounded much better in balanced, but that's not just because of more power. Questyle actually makes current amplifiers as you know and planars need current more than voltage. For that reason the level of power output is secondary in this case. I think Questyle just makes a better balanced circuit vs their se.
    The 30-30% rule is indeed a bit simplified and it actually only works in a certain price range, a price range where I spent a lot of time. And I think a lot of head-fier move within this price bracket too. I would say between £250-1000 this rule is a good guideline, with any gear below or above this price the 30% rule can change easily.
  11. drummerdimitri
    After having owned this headphone for a week now, I am noticing its real character which is quite a bit dark sounding. There's a lot of missing information in the highs and they seem to divert your attention from them to focus on the bass which it does exceptionally well but they lack that sparkles that makes them enjoyable and great all around reference level headphones.

    Will look into selling/trading them for something much more neutral. Would the Empys be more suitable for my preferred sound signature? I love my DT1990's and looking for a very similar sound (uncolored).
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  12. CreditingKarma

    If you are looking for uncolored sound maybe check out the Abyss Diana Phi. They are more detailed than the empyrean or lcd 4z. They have a larger soundstage and the drivers are faster as well. I used to own the 4z and have listened to the empyrean for quite a bit. In the end I got the Abyss AB-1266 TC. I have not looked back. It takes some experimentation to get the fit dialed in but after that they are incredible. If you can't deal with the aesthetics of the large abyss the diana phi is about 90% of the performance.
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  13. drummerdimitri
    I'd love to try a pair but they're above my budget at the moment and I'm honestly not willing to pay more for headphones any as the value proposition is massively diminished the more you end up paying.
  14. CreditingKarma

    The diana phi lists for the same price as the lcd 4z. You can also sometimes find them at a discounted price.
  15. juansan
    I thought they were quite dark as well (although acceptable to my ears). I now have them running on the nordost hemdall 2 cable and the difference is astounding, especially with regards to the high frequencies. If you can get a chance to try them with nordost cables do so before you give up on them entirely.
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