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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. LFC_SL
    That the LCD-4 is hand-built is interesting. Manual labour is expensive. Is this intended to be long-term. Does market research show there will be a steady order book or is this a 'statement product'.
    Can follow bemoaning the increasing price trend of headphone audio, imitating speaker audio. You have lost me with being "out". What is "high end" cannot just be defined by the manufacturer rsp. If that is your yardstick then clearly the marketing psychologists have worked on you!

    Other headphones remain available. Indeed some members bemoaning the ultra high-end releases in actuality own 3-to-5 still-quite-expensive headphones!

    For a great deal of people they would be better served by building a system around the HD600 / HD650. Be happy. If you wish to invest in the game then avoid buying multiple headphones and demo carefully / selectively.

    The ultra high-end is just window-shopping and escapism. Purchasing reserved for the well-heeled or crazy.

    It is worth repeating: Audeze still sell other models. If you are upset by Audeze targeting a different type of consumer then simply vote with your wallet.
  2. Rico613
    You're right, "beats" is probably the wrong word.  "Audible" would be more correct.
  3. Music Alchemist
    Creamy mids on a stick, this thread blew up while I was sleeping!
    The link to the original post by Jude containing the specs was provided earlier in this thread.
    I enjoyed reading the description, especially this part:
    "It outperforms any other in its class like electrostatics or dynamic driver headphones. The LCD-4 is the most advanced planar magnetic technology to date."
    ...Except, on the EL-8 page, it says this:
    "The EL-8 features the world's most advanced planar magnetic technology with sound quality unheard of in this or any other price category."
    At least on the LCD-4 page, they specifically said that it outperforms electrostatics...but I highly doubt that. I mean, planar magnetics can easily outperform electrostats in certain categories, but all categories? I'll believe it when I hear it.
    Except those of us (like me!) who prefer headphones over speakers. [​IMG]
  4. Chikolad
    How come my LCD-3s suddenly sound like crap? [​IMG]
  5. Shembot

    Yours too? [​IMG]
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  6. reddog
    These headphones look very nice, however till Audeze has proved it has improved on quality control, I will not start saving up for these cans. I would rather save up for a electrostatic amp and headphones. I will just kick back and wait for the hype to slow down and take in the impressions.
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  7. Icenine2
  8. takezo
    finally, an affordable microphone for the masses! kudos to alex and sankar for making these available to us
    at such an affordable price. and on top of that, they're giving two (2) microphones for the measly price of
    a titanium vacuum cleaner with the optional vicuna covers). thank you and good night...
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  9. NZtechfreak
    Absolutely, I'll be waiting on reports about comfort and reliability for quite some time before trying these. I'd have serious doubts that there is a sufficient sonic upgrade to be worthwhile for me too.
  10. Argo Duck
    Sound interesting, with due allowance for marketing speak. I see they describe them as "these new Audeze microphones" at one point - or are they really releasing microphones as well?
  11. bmichels
    I can't any info on it's weight.

    I really hope It is lighter than the 2 3 or X. I sold my LCD-X because It was too UNconfortable and heavy for me.
  12. Music Alchemist
    Just created the product page in the Head Gear section.
  13. Middy
    They will sound wonderful no doubt but I think Dr Fang will be celebrating more than Audeze (. Any chance of a price drop on LCD 3s)... can't wait for some full independent reviews. Put on my lottery list private island gold plated Ferrari...gold plated unicorn poo.
  14. eric65
    Hi, can someone explain to me how the Odin, with a membrane 10 times thicker than the LCD-4 (8 micron (for Odin) versus 0.8 micrometers ? (for LCD-4)) and having a membrane surface a priori the same as the LCD-4 (50 cm²) (80 mm in diameter (for the Odin) versus 100x50 mm? (for LCD-4)), while having (a priori) less powerful magnets than the LCD-4 (NB: the LCD-4, according to this link : https://www.audeze.com/products/lcd-collection/lcd-4 , would have the strongest magnets in existence (1.5 Tesla) for a planar magnetic headphones).
    So how can it have Odin sensitivity 4 dB higher than the LCD-4 (104 dB / 1 mW (for Odin) versus 100 dB / 1 mW (for LCD-4)) with a membrane 10 times as thick (and heavy?) than that of LCD-4 and a magnetic motor, a priori, less powerful (<1.5 Tesla?) than that of LCD-4 (1.5 Tesla) ??
  15. Defiant00
    Yes, see here: https://www.audeze.com/products/microphones/planar-magnetic-microphones
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