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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. potkettleblack
    They are releasing microphones I think.
  2. bfreedma
    They are - that page is up too.  Not cheap either.
    Just pointing out that there needs to be some updating of the LCD4 page, so there may be more info about the balanced cable coming.
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  3. MrBucket
    Honestly I thought the cables that came with my LCD-X are pathetic.  I hate the strain relief on the mini xlr, I hate how the cable is flat and tangles up easily, its just a pain in the ass.  Replaced it within a week or two.  
  4. 1adam12
    There are new "premium LCD cables" up on Audeze's site for $399. I'm guessing that'll be included with the LCD-4s.
  5. Mediahound

    Don't think so. The description says they have limited quantity of those and the guy who made them died. 
  6. 1adam12

    Good catch. However, the specs that Jude posted used the same wording (i.e. "premium LCD cable") and it's single ended as per the specs. If it's not that exact cable on the site I'd bet it's similar.
  7. knopi
    Well written. But honestly here don't exist new better model for older model which is normal in electronics, progress development. This looks like top models for 2 years will cost another double. Competitors put higher price and another will compete. Bad trand..
  8. TraneTime
    Yeah.  I know what you're saying.  I once saw a German speaker manufacturer being interviewed at the Munich High End Show.  He was interviewed by an American who asked him how much his speakers cost.  He replied that in America they're pretty cheap.  About $185,000.  So $4,000 for a headphone, what a bargain!
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  9. matthewhypolite
    At SR009 being cheaper, keep in mind you need a dedicate electro amp for those cans, so the investment in sr009 may be a lot more expensive for some, me being one of them. If I grab the LCD4 I can just power it with my exiting amp, currently Dark Star, soon to be LAu.
  10. potkettleblack

    Agreed not great quality. Although the new rounded ones look better.
  11. TraneTime
    Audeze probably rekons that any purchaser will get after market cables anyway.  Which is a shame. 
  12. mscott58
    Looking forward to listening to the -4's at CanJam in a few days! Cheers
  13. matthewhypolite

    ​I envy you :) let us know how they sound.
  14. mscott58

    Will do!
  15. h1f1add1cted

    Sure that's your opinion, but the LCD-3 has a complete different tuning as the 009 - they are two different worlds. In reference natural sound, I easy can say the STAX 009 or 007 MKII are outperforms any Audeze headphone. All about personal taste and references. But a statement like "beats" are never valid in the headphone world, since every person has different opinion. But any way I really like the design of the new LCD-4 and personal from my experience of all Audeze I prefer currently the LCD-X.
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